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Learn Hindi with Vel Day Four

By Velsprim8 @velsprim8
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DAY FOUR - 17.05.2012
Hope you all would do home work properly and after that,
1. How to write a consonant and its vowel when combined
The video gives information about writing a combination of a vowel and its consonant.

2. Share of Explanation of Hindi LettersI found the following image in Omniglot website to be useful for our study.Have a look at it and recap your memory.

Learn Hindi with Vel Day Four


3. Basic rules of Reading Hindi Letters
  1. When short letters like 'क', 'ण', 'र' and so on come as last letter of a word, they should be pronounced/read as 'K', 'N', 'R' and so on.
  2. When long letters like 'क़ा', 'णा', 'ऱा' come as last letter of a word, they should be read as such.
  3. This is applicable for a two and three letter word.
  4. For a four letter word, we should split to 2 + 2 and read the first second and second second letter as mentioned in 1 above. (If it is a long letter, no need to convert and read)
  5. For a five letter word, usually a letter would be written in special as we read and saw in Sub Heading 1 above (Consonants + its Vowels)
Have a look at the video to get clear about the rules said above

Look at the words below (two letters) and try to read as per the rule 1.

Learn Hindi with Vel Day Four

2 Letter word

Sample pronunciation for I line is 'ab', 'aaj' and 'ek'. Try to read and write the words, minimum 5 times. It will help you to inch closer to the language and to improve your language handwritingThe following video is an evident of such an home work. I hope it would also be helpful for you.

Practice makes man Perfect!!!
So practice along side to learn Hindi
Stay tuned for more updates
Courtesy: MAHA KAVI tuition center, Tirupurposted by: vels / http://www.velsprim8.blogspot.comPosted by Vels

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