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Le Mémoire

By Sweetheartdiary @Amna_88_Afzaal
Le Mémoire
Le Mémoire
Le Mémoire

It was me sitting still in the corner of my room and looking at my childhood album. I flipped some pages and there was this one where I was sitting on my father's lap. He loved me the most and fulfilled all my needs. I remember the day when he left all of us in this scary world.
I saw some pictures of my dad's best friend, he was our beloved uncle. He also passed away 9 years ago.
My father was kind at heart. Respected everyone and gained a lot of respect from a lot of people. He was very lenient and never spoke bad or backbite about anyone, it happened many a times that he found us speaking bad about others and he told us that you shouldn't be saying such things if you don't know what exactly is the reason behind it.
And one day he left, his advises, his voice echoes in our ears, his face still revolves around our thoughts. May his soul rest in peace. It seems like someone took him away from between us, it wasn't his time yet.
It is been 5 years, still we can't believe he is not between us. We feel that he is watching us, encouraging us to move on and he is aware of whatever is happening is our lives. I feel that he also becomes sad when he sees that I am sad and becomes happy when sees that I am happy and satisfied.
Memories live inside us forever, they never vanish, never blur and never fade. Sometimes they make us glad and they also make us sad. I love those times when I sit and remember old things, when I was a kid, school days, fun with family, fights with sibling, teasing friends, hiding things and fighting over food. :) These things make us feel happy. I also look over all the bad that happened, all the tragedies of life which I can remember, whether they occurred intentionally or unintentionally. There is always a lesson learnt; be it parents' restrictions, scoldings and limitations. All that happened was for our good only.
Which is your best and worst memory?

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