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Layer on Layer

By Sandrastanek @Sandrastanek
Layer on layer Cheers to the winter... or not.
I was thinking I could post up a list of things I will miss about summer but then I thought a) nobody cares cause it's just so cliche and b) the list wouldn't be way too long to even fit on this entire blog so I figured is that all I will do is be a good cliche blogger and comment on my daily outfit. Not so winter looking but trust me it was, the layering is just not so seen. Underneath the sweater is a good deal of a layer that makes me look I weigh at least 30 kg more if not more, one of the reasons I just 'love' winter.
But above it all, there's always the good things too... like you can hide your not-so-Victoria's-Secret body underneath beautiful stylish coats and uggs and totally not looking like a polar bear hunter. The perfect solution is to just wrap yourself in some blanket, get your granny slippers ready and wait for the coldest days to hit your place hard. Very hard.
Now looking at my outfit this is not exactly what I have described but don't you worry, that's not a december photo. Just mid-november when it still wasn't a russian winter unlike now when I'm almost drowning in drifts of snow. I got my coat and my valenki ready. Oh how could you not love living in a snow-friendly country. Hallelujah.
Shirt - Zara, Sweater - Zara, Skirt - American Apparel, Jacket - Kenzo

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