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Lawmakers Call To Set Up American Lie Machine to Counter Russian Lie Machine

Posted on the 25 April 2015 by Calvinthedog

Dueling lie machines, wonderful. Apparently we are going to counter their lies with our own lies.

That the Russian machine even lies a lot is dubious.

Russian “lies”:

Ukraine is run by Nazis – True.

Crimea was annexed in a popular uprising – Sort of, at any rate, it had popular support. Repeated polls show ~87% for the Russian takeover. In other words, the vast majority of the population supported it at the time and continues to support it.

Germany is a failed state – False.

In a lot of cases, the Russian “lies” are just Russia telling the truth about what is going on over there, while the Western “truth” is what is a bunch of lies. I’ve been monitoring this war for a long time now, and I do not see a lot of out and out lying coming out of the Russians. I do see a lot coming out of the West though.

The EU is pushing back with a plan to launch a “mythbusters” task force to challenge Kremlin claims that it is anti-Russian.

The EU is virulently, viciously anti-Russian.

NATO, which the pro-Moscow media has accused of driving the conflict in Ukraine to undermine Russia, has established an information center in Latvia with a similar goal.

It is driving the conflict in Ukraine to undermine Russia and it is ferociously anti-Russian.

Voice of America was accused of being a propaganda tool, in part because it was directed against the US’s enemies and spawned stations such as Radio Marti, aimed at Cuba. Its journalists insisted that they maintained editorial independence.

This is comical. VoA was always a virulent propaganda organ and it still is to this very day. It is almost worthless to read it. Its journalists do not maintain editorial independence, but then no MSM journalists have editorial independence. If you are an MSM journalist and you try to maintain editorial independence, you will quickly be out of a job.

Since the end of the cold war, VoA has suffered budget cuts. Congress is seeking to redefine its role to make it explicitly broadcast in support of US foreign policy.

In other words, they are trying to make VoA just like all the rest of the US media, 100% of which supports US foreign policy. VoA already bellows supports US foreign policy just like every other US media outlet.

The British regulator, Ofcom, has found RT in breach of its rules on impartiality.

That’s rich! Russia Today is far less propagandistic than any mainstream media outlet in the UK, including the insanely propagandistic and dishonest Guardian which ran this article.

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