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Laundry Marker Canvas Shoes

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt

Laundry Marker Canvas Shoes
It’s no secret that children’s feet seem to grow in strange ways; not at all and then all of a sudden.  We have shoes that seem to last forever, and I mean foooooorever, and then others that no sooner have you opened your wallet and walked out the store than the silly things are already too small.  Inevitably, in our house it’s the most expensive shoes that seem to have the shortest shelf life, and the cheap ones that refuse to go away.
Time to get crafty.  I’m so sick of looking at one particular pair of pink lace-less slip-ons, that used to belong to Mimi, and are now worn by Lotti, stains and all, that I decided to experiment... ok it’s not rocket science, nor is it going to save lives... well maybe my sanity in the smallest of ways... but here it is:
Take a laundry marker and draw on old sandshoes.
Ok, there it is; most of you will have done this before, but for me, this deliberate act to graffiti clothes, was a big step for me, not creatively, nor financially, but philosophically.  To vandalise property, even my own, even my own which was destined soon (if only) for the bin, was a big thing.
Being crafty is a different journey for each of us; there are hurdles we each have to overcome, this was one of mine.  Taking great wads of colour-chips from the hardware store with the sole intention of crafting with them is another I have not yet been able to overcome... Feel free to share your moral crafting dilemmas in the comments section below... if you dare!

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