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Laugh of the Day: The New Yoga Lexicon

By Healingyoga

Maybe the heat has me feeling a bit punchy, but I'm all about the laughs (all out guffaws, actually) on this fine, albeit a little hot and humid, Thursday. I made a new discovery today -- the Urban Dictionary (ah, what those crazy kids are up to these days). I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon this one, but I did. And frankly, it made me feel old. I didn't realize that there was a whole yoga lexicon that all the "cool kids" are using and I'm not even sure I'm familiar with -- much less used -- the yoga terms (or any of the other terms, for that matter) in this newfangled dictionary. 

If you're hip and cool and you already know about the Urban Dictionary and are already savvy about the funky new yoga lexicon, then you'll have to pardon me and my old-fashioned ways. If you're  as in the dark as I seem to be, here's a little lesson for you:

yoga buzz 

yoga mind



And for those of you looking for something a little more --ahem -- spicy, try these on for size:



Uhhhh, seriously? Do people actually USE these words/phrases? Call me tragically unhip but I don't think I've used any of these...ever.

Shall we use what we've learned in a sentence (gee, it's like being back in elementary school)?

My morning practice, in which I had a yogapiphany in side plank,  gave me a yoga buzz resulting in a serious case of yoga mind which made me feel yogalicious for the rest of the day. (sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not using the other two words we've learned today, as my mother reads this blog).  

Oooookay, if I ever start speaking like this, I give you permission to slap me (heck I wanted to slap myself after typing the sentence above). 

And speaking of laughs, have you ever been at work only to find yourself in a meeting with someone doing Headstand in the conference room? This was my second laugh of the day.  

Hmmmmm...maybe I've been spending too much time in the sun...or maybe the world is getting weirder? Or perhaps I'm getting weirder since I found this funny? Ah well, you gotta laugh, right?


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