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Let's Talk Purpose and Yoga Is

By Healingyoga

I spent a good part of my life looking for...something. Call it more or something deeper or, quite possibly, myself. I was voracious in regards to books, workshops, tools, techniques, etc. It seemed like "the answer" always eluded me. Somewhere along the way I discovered there was no answer and that things were a lot simpler than I thought. Ah yes, those nasty thoughts are always so complicated, aren't they? 

Seane Corn Talks Purpose
One of my sticking points used to be my purpose. I kept trying to figure it out. It all makes me laugh now, but I took it quite seriously back then. If you're thinking about your purpose or are looking for a yogini's take on it, check out this video interview with Seane Corn, who addresses this very topic. 

Yoga Is Online Conference
Just last week I tried a whole different style of yoga. It's easy to fall into a habit in regards to your practice -- doing the same style and/or routine over and over again. Every now and again, I like to mix things up, get my brain out of habit mode and try something new. If you're desiring to do the same, why not try the Yoga Is online yoga conference? The 4-day conference is happening April 30-May 3 and features over 30 yoga teachers all accessible via your computer. The conference offers interviews and classes, so you're sure to learn something new (even if it's just a little nugget of info). Click here to learn more and/or to sign up. If you sign up by April 22, you can get an all-access early bird pass for $42. 


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