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Latest Diabetes Treatment Is Budget Friendly in India

Posted on the 16 May 2015 by Anan Adisa
Latest Diabetes Treatment Is Budget Friendly in India Diabetes, the disorder is increasing in number of people and surgery for treatment in India is preferred. The adoption of medical tourism is benefiting many patients to save good amount with world class treatment facilities, no waiting lines in affordable price. Latest diabetes treatment in India ranks top class in supremacy.
Diabetes is a long time disease – which is caused due to high and low sugar levels in blood. Blood hormone insulin, which controls blood sugar in a person’s body, is produced by pancreas. The major reason behind Diabetes can be too little insulin, resistance to insulin, or both. Diabetes mellitus, commonly known as diabetes or in lay man’s language it is also known as sugar. It is identified as disorder associated with “sweet urine” and loss of muscles. Insulin regulates the sugar levels in blood, lowers down the sugar content when it elevates after eating food, the hormone is released and regularizes sugar. But when this insulin production is disturbed it leads to diabetes which can be even fatal if not cared properly.
There are 3 types of diabetes and classified as
  •    Type 1 diabetes: no or very little insulin is produced. Treatment for this type of disorder is injections of Insulin daily to regulate sugar in blood.
  •    Type 2 diabetes: 95 % suffer with same, caused by obesity, older age, genetic history, physical inactivity and ethnicity.
Gestational diabetes: women, develop this type of diabetes during pregnancy which diminishes after birth of child. This can be a symptom to further developing type2 diabetes. Maintaining eating regime and controlling body weight are precautions to be used.

Treatments for diabetes have been developed in medical science.
  •    Pancreas transplant- Surgery is done to replace pancreas that are insulin producing glands.
  •    Islet Transplantation - Islet transplantation is the transplantation of isolated islets from a donor pancreas and into another person.
  •    Intensive Insulin Therapy
  •    Bariatric Surgery
  •    Ileal Interposition

After the diabetic surgery post surgical regime is to be followed strictly for perfect maintenance. Cost of latest diabetes treatment in India is very low as compared to any other developed country. Low cost of treatment is due to high currency exchange rate in India, without compromising in the quality of care. A patient can save up to 50% even after traveling expense with luxurious holiday.
Forerunners Healthcare Consultants is a medical tourism service provider company running with good will in India and have gained trust of international patient for excellent care. Services include from medical opinion from experts, selection of best surgeon, appointments, accommodations and other relative services which makes overseas patient comfortable and relaxed. Giving a smile with gratification is the main of the team.

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