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Last Minute Trip to Race in Paradise! Ever Been to Nevis?

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I never know what I’m going to find in my email inbox.

Sometimes it’s an offer to enlarge my penis (<no, I do not have one – joke’s on you). Sometimes it’s my bank telling me I’ve overdrawn again. And, sometimes – like the case on Tuesday night – it’s an invitation to go the Nevis/St. Kitts to participate in the most beautiful triathlon in the world. Whaaatt?

On Saturday. Like, in three days.

Good thing I have a small bone of spontaneity in my body. I usually like at least 6 months to plan a trip out of the country. Guess this time I will settle for 3 days. WTF? It’s the Caribbean! It’s 86 degrees! It’s a race! It's all expenses paid! It looks like this! A scene from Survivor without the immunity idol, the bugs or the drama!

Last Minute Trip to Race in Paradise! Ever Been to Nevis?

And this!

Last Minute Trip to Race in Paradise! Ever Been to Nevis?

Guess what? It looks like this here today our my back door, so see you suckas!


I actually wasn't exactly sure where Nevis was. I had only heard of it because Kelly Ripa talks about vacationing there. I suppose it it’s good enough for Kelly, it’s good enough for me. Nevis is a very small island  (36 square miles) in the West Indies. It’s a bit southeast of Puerto Rico. It is far from Denver. Like 3,000 miles. Thanks Google. You are my hero. You make me look smart.

Last Minute Trip to Race in Paradise! Ever Been to Nevis?

The Race!

Before I looked up where the hell Nevis was, I looked up the Nevis Triathlon. I’ll be doing the longer option (who go all the way there and go small?). The swim is in the harbor (Caribbean  Sea-1,000 meters). The bike is two loops (40 miles) around the perimeter of the island. The run is a 10K and is on trail, road and beach.

Last night when I told Emma about it:
Emma: Mom, do you even swim anymore?
Me: Uh, no. Haven’t swam in over year. I’m sure it will be fine.

Famous last words. This is how I approach the unknown: “I am sure it will be fine” (because there is always wine if it’s not fine!)

I don’t have time to ship my bike. They are providing me with one for the race. They wanted to know how tall I was and if I wanted a road bike or a mountain bike. Hmmmm…I’ll take the road bike I guess. I’m supposing there will be no aero helmet, no clipless pedals, no hydration system. I am sure it will be fine! Nevis better have wine. Or rum. Rum would work.


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