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Lander Vs Unbounce Vs GetResponse: Best Landing Page Builder Comparison

Posted on the 10 February 2016 by Rahulthepcl

Choosing the best Landing Page software for your website or blog is easier said than done. Although there is a number of software available in market, finding the perfect fit for your business is a no doubt a herculean job. To help you in your short listing process, today we are reviewing three leading landing page services Lander Vs Unbounce Vs GetResponse. In one of my previous post I wrote about comparison between getresponse and mailchimp which you might want to read.

Lander Vs Unbounce Vs GetResponse: Best Landing Page Builder Comparison

GetResponse Landing Page Builder

In this post, we'll do grid by grid comparison on key features and price for all three services, Lander Vs Unbounce Vs GetResponse. The major features under review are Templates, Editor and Integration here.

Lander Vs Unbounce Vs GetResponse: Best Landing Page Builder Comparison
  • Lander offers pre-designed templates that you can customize to create your own landing page.
  • Templates are all mobile responsive.
  • Templates available in seven categories: Product & Services, Coming Soon, Webinars & Events, Bio & Portfolio, E-Commerce, Facebook and Layouts.
  • In case you want an unique landing page for your website, you can submit your designing ideas and Lander team will create the same for you.
Lander Vs Unbounce Vs GetResponse: Best Landing Page Builder Comparison
  • Unbounce offers a wide range of pre-designed templates that you'll have to customize for your business.
  • The templates are mobile responsive.
  • Templates are available in nine categories: Coming Soon, Click Through, E-Book, Events, Lead Generation, Products, Sales Pages, Webinar and E-Course.
  • You can also choose templates designed for particular industries.
  • GetResponse offers over 100 predesigned templates that you can customize and use in your website.
  • The software offers over 1000 free images that you can use for customization.
  • Templates are available in 10 categories: General, Opt-in Page, Sales Page, Promo Page, Download Page, Video Link Page, Thank you page, Webinar page, About me page.
  • Templates feature responsive design, which means they can adjust themselves according to the viewing platform.
  • You can also build your unique landing page with HTML coding.
Winner: - GetResponse is a sure winner here owing to its responsive design feature and the fact that it lets you edit the HTML code as well. While novice marketers can easily customize a predesigned template, the pro marketers get the full creative freedom to build their very own landing page from scratch.
  • Lander features a simple drag and drop editing interface.
  • You can customize almost every aspect of your template with the editing tools.
  • No need to touch the HTML code.
  • Once you have finished editing you can publish the page, go for A/B split testing or save it for later.
  • Drag and drop editing tool available.
  • You can customize almost all the aspects of your template here.
  • No need to alter HTML coding.
  • Once done, the pages can be published directly, set up for A/B split testing or can be saved for later.
  • Simple drag and drop editing tool.
  • You can customize and change almost every aspect of the template without touching HTML codes.
  • You can edit the HTML codes if you want, or build a unique landing page from scratch.
  • You can use the pictures for their gallery to customize your landing page.
  • Once the editing is done, you can publish the page, create an A/B split test or can save it for later.
Winner: - Once again GetResponse is winner. While all three software have quite similar drag and drop editing interface, GetResponse offers you the freedom to tweak the HTML codes as well.

Lander allows a decent number of third-party integrations. The list is as follows:

IgniteFeedback, Route, Takw, Bablic, CustomerIcare, Transifex, e-goi, Zapier, Webhooks and Doppler

Unbounce offers a number of third party software and services integration. The complete list is below:

GetResponse offers a whopping 118 third party software and services integration. The popular ones are as follows:

Winner: - GetResponse wins in this section as well. Although Lander and Unbounce offers quite decent integrations options, GetResponse is truly awesome in this segment. With 118 third party software and services for integrations, you'll never run out of choices.

You can see the Lander annual plans here. The Basic plan starts from $37 a month, which is a bit on the higher side according to us. However, the software offers a 14 days free trail plan so that you can check out their services before investing anything from your side.

Lander Vs Unbounce Vs GetResponse: Best Landing Page Builder Comparison

You can see the pricing plans for Unbounce above. The starting plan costs $49 a month, which again a bit costly as per our opinion. The software offers a 30 days free trail plan too. However, you cannot sign up without giving your credit card details, which means you'll end up being charged at the end of the trail even if for a month.


Lander Vs Unbounce Vs GetResponse: Best Landing Page Builder Comparison

Above are the GetResponse annual plans. The Basic plan starts at $15 a month, which is amazingly reasonable. Here you may also consider this fact that GetResponse is a full-fledged email marketing service.
So, you'll get all around email marketing service, on top of the Landing Page creator with no extra charges at all. We don't think it can get better than this. The software gives you a 30 days free trail too, so that you can explore their services without investing anything.

Winner: - Do we need to say it even? Of course, GetResponse is the sure winner here. You'll certainly not get a better price than that.
  • Lander provides quite decent customer support through Live Chat and email support.
  • Through Lander Blog, the software provides valuable information to their customers, regarding various aspects of Landing Page creation.
  • Unbounce provides customer support through Live Chat, telephonic Support and email support.
  • The software provides comprehensive and practical guides through their 'Resources' page.


  • Provides 24*7 customer support through Live Chat, Telephonic Support and email support.
  • Provides comprehensive down-loadable manuals and guides on how to use the software properly.
  • Arranges Webinars from time to time to impart valuable information on various aspects of online marketing.
Winner: - Here also GetResponse steals the show. The useful guides, manuals and webinars are amazingly helpful to novice marketers as well as experienced persons.

Well, it's no secret by now! As you can see, GetResponse is truly all inclusive and quite literally the best your money can buy. So, sign up for the GetResposne 30 days free trail plan
Lander and Unbounce are no doubt quite decent software, but after doing this grid by grid comparison we strongly recommend GetResposne for their awesome features and budget friendly price.
here and let us know your take on it!

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