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La Roche - Posay: Physiological Micellar Solution Review

By Echocanyon @echo_canyon
La Roche - Posay: Physiological Micellar Solution Review
La Roche - Posay: Physiological Micellar Solution Review
The term 'Micellar Solution' is probably best explained here, but my quick explanation is that it contains clever particles that break down and remove makeup and dirt quickly and effectively.
I have been using this one by La Roche Posay for just over three weeks now as an alternative to face wipes and so far so good.
Bioderma Crealine was the first to be raved about in the blogger community, but seeing as it's only available in France or online I decided to go for the La Roche Posay one which is readily available at most Boots stores for £11.50.
The product comes in a very cool minimalist bottle containing the clear liquid solution inside. It's a pretty simple product to use as you literally just pour it onto a cotton pad and wipe away.
I have found that I need at least two regular cotton pads or one large/double cotton pad to remove my makeup (you may need more if you are an eyeshadow girl, and I'm not sure how well it works on waterproof mascara/eyeliner) plus there is no rinsing required. I have heard of people using this as a 'pre-cleanse' to their usual cleansing routine. For me though, it works well to remove about 99% of my makeup on lazy days or late nights.
The only gripe I have is that the cotton pad needs to be saturated with product, which means that it wont last as long as i'd like. After three weeks of use I have just under half the bottle left.
I have experienced no redness, sensitivity or excess oiliness in the morning which is great so overall I am really pleased with it, and will definitely be purchasing again. This product does exactly the same job as face wipes but does not feel abrasive or irritating at all on my skin.
Let me know what you think of this, or any other Micellar Solutions that you have tried :-)

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