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La Photo Booth

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
La Photo BoothIt's no secret that Party Photo Booths are in fashion - and why not? They're fun, fabulous and make a family of photos out of an otherwise diverse group of people.
Why hire a photo booth if you can make it yourself?  OK, so our cardboard box lid may not be as glamorous as the hired version, or some of the phenomenal ones that people make from segments of wallpapered walls, complete with skirting boards and cornices... but... it's quick, simple, and family friendly. 
Inspired by Mimi's Mona Lisa hanging on the wall, we decided to frame ourselves this weekend.
Here's our "DIY photo booth how to":
  • Take a cardboard box lid.
  • Turn it over so that the top-branding is turned down, and you're looking at the plain underside.
  • With a texta draw a picture frame; as elaborate as you feel able.
  • With a craft knife (adults only please!) carefully cut a rectangle out of the center.
  • Start photographing!

To complete your photo booth effects, choose a spot for everyone to stand; in front of a plain or decorative wall, a blue sky or leafy green backdrop - the key is preferably to keep the backdrop not too distracting so you concentrate on people's faces.
If possible, encourage people to stand straight, and keep the 'picture frame' straight; Happy Husband was the only one in our little family who managed this!
Lastly, with the use of basic digital software, arrange your photos side by side, trim them into squares, or place them in a strip movie-film style.  Whatever you decide; have fun... and send us the photos!
For more Photography How-To help, pop across to our website guides, or my short-cut blog post.

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