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Kyla Kills It ...

Posted on the 07 April 2014 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
Kyla La Grange is making a brilliant little name for herself in the industry, and with a highly acclaimed album being released later on this year, it is no doubt that we've jumped onto her and that we absolutely adore her new single. The Knife, which has likenesses to a variety of different and diverse names, will really get you going, but not in the conventional way at all!
Kyla Kills It ...The easiest comparison to make has got to be to Marina Diamindis, or maybe to Kate Bush. The vocal is really quite high pitched, which is what draws those names, but overall the quirkiness of it all is really captured very well - meaning those names come across bright and strong. However, the things that make it all very different are the instrumentation, and the layout.
You'll notice very quickly that there is both an African, and an Indian vibe to this track. The way in which it sways is very Indian - it's very smooth and beholds something that may well have been used by some of the famous names of that segment of the market. But, then the use of steel drums really gives an almost Jamaican feel. It's also very cool, very smooth, and will get you well and truly going for it.
You'll most definitely be up and about to this one despite its cool runnings though. The fact that it has a decent beat throughout really gives it some umph. This, alongside the variety of different names, genres and origins makes for something very special, very current, and absolutely desirable.

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