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Kung Fu Panda -- Hai-ya!

By Juanatravels
Kung Fu Panda -- hai-ya!Needing a bit of cheering up, it didn't take M a lot to convince me to see Kung Fu Panda 2.  It didn't disappoint at all!  I had a blast!  Watching it on 3D gave an extra boost to the awesome graphics and animation.  The fight scenes were perfectly executed.  I loved how it opened with a fairytale-like narration of Lord Shen's story complete with the beautifully drawn  landscapes and scenes to boot!  The film was a bit darker and less funnier than its first installment but I loved it nonetheless.  The story did get to me.. made me think about how things are going right now, how emotions and bad vibes have affected me and how I've played things the past years at least now I know that I have to focus and stand by my resolve to make things better from here on.  Anyhow.. Po and Furious Five (as well as having M as my kung fu/punching/kicking bag last night) did a fantastic job in lifting my spirits up!  I think I'm getting closer to finding my inner peace now.. :)  I can't wait to watch it's third sequel, which by the looks of it, will have lots and lots of cute and cuddly pandas in it! Weeeeeeeee!
Rating: ★★★★ highly entertaining for kids and kids at heart a like. loved it!COPYRIGHT © 2011 JuanaTravels.

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