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Krem Lashning, Delight Of Cavers

By Anooppt @anoopppt

Krem Lashning, Delight Of Cavers Ever wondered why Meghalaya is renowned as dale of cave of India, than to find the answer one would require traveling the hilly slopes of the state where you will find every answer of your curious question.
Surrounded by caves and its natural formation the North Eastern State of Meghalaya is paradise for cavers because here they won’t just get stuck discovering the depth of a single caves but from the very beginning of Shillong till the last slope of the state you have a chance to explore the natural phenomenon of it.  Krem Lashning, Delight Of Cavers
While talking about caves through this article today we are going to talk about the splendour of Krem Lashning which is considered as one of the most allured and well defined caves around the seat of Meghalaya.
Located at a distance of around 37 km from the serene settlement of Jowai hill station the cave is one amongst the thousand caves that huddles around the flux of the state. If you are heart troop cavers than the site of Krem Lashning will serve all your purpose because the amazing formation and its entrance touches the heart of the cavers which in turn entices them to discover the posture of the cave.
Krem Lashning, Delight Of Cavers
The mammoth cave which is approximately 50 m in width and 40 m in height reveals the potential and perhaps that can be sum up as a main reason for cavers to be around within the proximity of the cave.
Talking about an appearance of the cave than Krem Lashinng is entirely endowed within the pool of mud which in turn would make your caving experience completely different and that gives cavers a sole experience to explore the heights of it.
Krem Lashning, Delight Of Cavers
Well before you decide to go running inside to discover it the slippery side of the cave which might result in some undesired accident it is solely recommended to hire guide to understand the phenomenon of the caves.
Safety measures before going inside the cave could be an essential idea and when it comes to the prime reason for tourist to come here despite of its slippery and accidental roads is it depth which measures around 1650 m and its splendid arena where you are sure to determine the composure of it.
Krem Lashning, Delight Of Cavers
Krem Lashning, Delight Of CaversBest Time to Visit When it comes to visit the state of Meghalaya then consider coming here during the time of winter season to witness the surreal charm of the place and when it comes to find out the serenity of caves than consider coming here during the month of February and March.
How to Reach Unfortunately there are no railway station and air base within the close proximity of the state but then you always have an option to settle down at the Guwahati railway station which is nearest to reach the site of Meghalaya and once you reach here make sure to hire cab to reach the cave of Krem Lashning.
By air-the nearest airport is Guwahati international airport which is located at a distance of 120 km from here.

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