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Jaldapara Tourism

By Anooppt @anoopppt
Jaldapara Tourism Located on the eastern Himalayan foothills Jaldpara is a rainforest sanctuary that is home to a wide diversity of animals, birds and reptiles. The sanctuary is fed by the river Torsa which runs through it. 
The river Malangi is also at a short distance from the sanctuary and runs form east to west. As a result of these two water bodies the land is a marshy one that is mostly covered in tall grass all year round. This sanctuary is one of the most famed ones in the state of West Bengal and to be visited place for those who love the outdoors. Most parts of the sanctuary is covered in tall elephant grass thus an elephant ride safari is the best way to explore it. The wide diversity of flora and fauna that is present here draws many nature enthusiasts here. The main attraction of the sanctuary is the one Asiatic one horned rhino and is known to have the second highest number of these rhinos coming second only to the Karizanga national park of Assam.  Other than the one horned rhinos the sanctuary is home to tigers, elephants, bisons, wild pigs, boars, deer, sambhar, hog deer etc. The great royal bengal tiger has also been seen here. Other than the animals the sanctuary is also a favorite haunt of the birds. It serves as a home to a wide diversity of migratory birds.  This place is one of the very few where you can sight the Bengal Florican, the crested eagle etc. Other than them one can aslo spot the Pallas fishing eagle, jungle fowl, pheasant, peafowl, patridge, peacokcs etc. One can even find a wide variety of reptiles such as pythons, cobras, monitor cobras, fresh water turtles etc.
The safaris are mostly held on elephant backs due to the high grasses that blanket the area. The elephant safaris cost about Rs. 120/- per head and one elephant is assigned to a maximum of four persons.
As per norms since the year 2007-2008 a permit is required to visit the sanctuary. It also has an entry fee attached to it with other fees for still and video cameras. The standard fees are 25 Rs for Indian nationals , 50 Rs for light vehicles, Rs 200 for heavy vehicles and Rs. 250 for video camera.
Jeep safaris are can also be availed but these safaris are available only during the early mornings and evenings. These safaris can be booked from Madarihat. For those going overnight visits to the sanctuary there are a number of resorts that one can stay at. Some of the most well known resorts that a visitor can stay at are the Resort Mayur, Resort Sonar Bangla, Rose Valley Lataguri, Tourist lodge etc. After taking on the safari and seeing the wild animals at their natiral habitat there are a few places nearby that should not be missed out on. Totopara, Chilapata, Buxa Duar, Jayanti, Samsing are some of the few places that one should not miss out on when on a trip to this sanctuary. All in all this sanctuary is a great place to rejuvenate, relax and enjoy the gifts of mother nature in their natural habitat. So take some time out to get away from the concrete structures to spend a night or two in mother natures lap and enjoy the bounties that she has to offer.

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