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Kona Kase Review

By Disneybrideandgroom
I got the chance to try a subscription box service, Kona Kase this past week.  Kona Kase is designed for the endurance athlete in mind.  Packed full of healthy snacks, a box will arrive at your door once a month.  How neat is that?
Here is why I really liked it:
  •  Everything was tasty.
  • With the exception of the ClifBar Shot Blocks, that I use often, all the products were new to me.
  • These were full-size products, not bite-size or 'sample-size' like you might try at a health expo or receive in a promotion.
  • There is a handy-dandy Grade Card with ordering info.  You can rate the products, and have a list of your favorites to purchase later.
  • Many of the products in your Kona Kase come with discount codes listed on the Grade Card.
  • Everything arrived in a cute little box that can be re-used.
  • This would be a very thoughtful gift to the runner in your life.  And because you can order on-line, it can be a last minute gift and the recipient would never know!
  • Broad selection of things you may not have seen before, but now can't live without.

Kona Kase Review
Fair Warning:  Do you come back from the gym RAVENOUS?  Well DG and I do. The box was sitting in my mailbox when I got back from the gym.  A box of delicious healthy goodies delivered right to my house proved rather tempting.  That first night, I put a major dent in the contents. That is not Kona Kase's fault, of course.  But it did feel a little bit like Halloween, except with good-for-you treats.
Ready to get a Kona Kase box of your very own? 
Head on over to and use the code:  RunningHappily for $5 off your first box.
Have you tried a monthly subscription box service?  What did you think?
Note:  I was provided with one (1) free box of Kona Kase for review purposes only.  There was no montetary compensation.  All opinions stated here are my own. 

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