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Kobe Byrant Proves He's The Best

By Beardandstache @BeardAndStache

Kobe Bryant Proves Time and Time Again He's The Best Player in The NBA


Kobe Bryant, despite getting older by the very minute, proved Tuesday against the Phoenix Suns, with a 48-point showing, that he is still the best player in the NBA.
Stop. Did this dude seriously just say that Bryant, (who's what, like 40 now?), is a better player than LeBron James? I know. It's radical. And trust me, it was tough to get over the LeBron-World of sexy alley-oops and smooth jump-shots, but I've had an epiphany.
Kobe is the best player in the NBA. Even at 33, not 40, he possess a talent set that is unmatched and that bests any other athlete in the entire association. I suppose, I always knew that he was the best, but the idea came into full fruition after watching Bryant score every single one the 48-points that he drained against the Suns.
Most journalists talk about Bryant's killer instinct on the floor. I joked about it, often in fact, that Bryant had that killer instinct and I never took it that seriously. That was until I saw Bryant's determination down the line, in a surprisingly tight game against the Suns, and how he was able to will the Lakers to a win. But this is nothing new for Los Angeles, and Bryant has had that same instinct consistently in the postseason, winning game after game for the Lakers.
Perhaps, however, the best part of Bryant's game is his finishing ability. He excels late in games and can ice-off a team with a series of clutch shots, no matter who the opponent is. #24 does it on a nightly basis, and the biggest strength in his game translates directly to the NBA Championships that Los Angeles has won during Bryant's career.
Let's be honest, without Bryant on the team, what would the latter Los Angeles team be?
A generous .500 team?
Maybe even a top-five lottery pick in the next draft?
That may even be giving the Lakers more credit then they deserve, and Bryant is the life of this team.
During the pre-season, Bryant tore a ligament in his shooting hand, and at first there was no timetable for his return. When the Lakers announced that Bryant would be ready to go by the start of the regular-season, some eyebrows were raised. Instead of sitting out and waiting for the ligament to totally heal, Bryant is getting shots in his hand so that he can stay on the court and play.
As painful as that ligament must be, even with the advances in the medical world, Bryant's play has not taken a hit. Over the past week, Bryant has averaged over 30 points a game, and has led the Lakers to first place in the Pacific conference, despite Los Angeles starting the season ice-cold.
The Lakers are one of the 'older teams' in the NBA, and they are going to be playing behind the eight-ball with the shortened season. The back-to-back games, sometimes three nights straight, is tough on aging rosters, and it's tough to think that Los Angeles can stay red-hot all season.
But then I remember, even though Bryant will have to slow-down to perserve himself for the playoffs, whenever he's on the court, the Lakers have a damn good chance of winning. His attitude, performance, and swagger can keep that entire Lakers team winning.
Bryant may be aging, but it's clear he hasn't lost anything.

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