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Knicks and Heat the Real Winner?

By Mixtapekid45

New York Knicks fresh new faces get job doneWe all know that The New York Knicks Pulled out an amazing and thrilling victory beating the Knicks 91-86. They are clearly the winner. But, under the surface their is a little more to the eye than can be seen. For many years the Knicks fans have just wanted a chance to compete. Sure in recent years they could score over a 100 and light up the score board. 
But, at the end of the day its not how much you score, its the result they were scoring a lot and they were still loosing games.
That is what is great now is that they can compete against the best teams in the NBA ie the Miami Heat and win not, because they score over a 100 points but because they can win a game on defense and executing down the stretch which they did last night. Just like theHeat at the beginning of the season they lost to some badteams but this was before chemistry and that was formed. WhichExplains why the Knicks lost to the leagues worst Cavaliers.This was certainly a statement game for the Knicks we will seehow the last half of the season plays out for them.***photo credit to buisness insider  

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