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Kim Quy Cave - Incredible Cave in Halong Bay

By Khanhpv


Travelers go to tour Halong, often very difficult to distinguish the cave system or islands in Ha Long Bay, but with Dong Kim Quy in Halong Bay is often the easy identification of all, because it is located in the island South beam and tied with legendary Golden Turtle is quite interesting.

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Dynamic Kim Quy in Bay LongTrong nearly 2,000 islands in Halong Bay, perhaps not unusual stories or legends associated with many islands here, but the legendary Golden Turtle always mentioned with every tourist excursions through the island beams Nam Dong Kim Quy attraction.


This legend is told that, near Hon beams are more monster harassment, so after helping Le Loi to expel the invaders, Golden Turtle has asked the King kill monster to power with force masterpiece, and the turtle swam to the action in South resting beams and stone. And so, this is called The Golden word. Until now, when stopping at Dam South, visit Dong Kim Quy, travelers still find a rock shaped like a turtle lying resting with multiple stains on the rock that is called the wounds Tortoise Gold suffered when the monster destroyed.

The legend is that, while the surrounding landscape of Dong Kim Quy in Halong Bay, anyone visiting even without listening to legends Golden Turtle, also feel the beautiful side of nature and the wonder of caves this. With a length of about 100 meters, the depth from 5m to 10m, the opposite dynamic is Hon frugally and behind the island of Soi Sim, around Dong Kim Quy is a natural picture full of warm colors, not alone on Halong Bay this large. Inside Dong Kim Quy, apart rocks like Golden Turtle, many stalactites drooped from the ceiling moving, light splashing in creating the lunh spiritual magic, plus the sound of running water every drop somewhere in the action, the contribution section as saints pounding music blend into magical scenes that makes the visit not from excitement. One other interesting thing is the worm in action,

Kim Quy action in Halong Bay with the rather special sense, becoming one of the most attractive in the journey to visit Halong Bay discovery of travelers. The special magnificent of nature, along the pleasant thought of people have formed a fabled mean beautiful, survive the passage of time and always compelling to anyone who had the opportunity to visit .

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