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Kids These Days

By Brisdon @shutuprun

We had a house full of kids sleep here last night. Like 6 of them. For some reason, when it is sleepover central, I always have a hard time sleeping. I’m worried someone is doing something they shouldn’t be doing, or someone is sick or someone is breathing or not breathing properly. In reality, I probably can’t sleep because I know what I used to do at sleepovers. But, I’m not going to tell you what that was because you’ll look down on me more than you already do.

At midnight, I woke up Ken and told him to go check on the adolescents who were holed up in their teen-man-cave in the basement. He was annoyed. I am the worrier and he is the laid back one in our relationship. The laid back one always gets annoyed with the worrier, especially when the worrier makes them do something they think is stupid like make sure the oven is off.

Me: (pushing him, punching him to get him to wake up): Can you go check on the boys?

Him: (sighing, annoyed): No, they're fine. Go back to sleep.

Me: Seriously. Please just go down there. Make sure everyone is okay.

Him: What? Leave them alone.

Me: Just check, please (reaching for my Xanax)

Five minutes pass

Him: I hate to disappoint you, but they're down there looking at the yearbook.

Me: I KNEW IT!! Damn kids. Isn’t there someone’s house they should be TP’ing or some dirty magazine they should be gawking at?

My point in telling this story is that when 6:00 am came, I really didn’t feel like getting up to run. But, as I always say, it matters not how you feel, you just have to do. This blog is not called Be Quiet and Stay in Bed.

So, I:

Got dressed
Brushed my teeth
Took my vitamins
Fed the dog
Fed the guinea pig
Put the coffee on
Ate a piece of cinnamon raison toast
Drank half a cup of coffee
Filled my fuel belt with water and GU

Lastly, I cleaned up the dog’s throw up before he could eat it (he tried, he really did. I don’t know which I understand less - a dog eating their own poop or their own vomit. It is all just wrong and confusing).

I was already tired from all of my pre-run activities. But, I sucked it up and we headed out for 10 miles.


As you know, I've been taking it easy with my running. I’m working on my running form, and this has meant shorter, slower runs. Today I decided to see how 10  felt because I am still holding out to do a half marathon in a a couple of weeks.

It was a gorgeous morning to be out in the Colorado air.


I had no poop urges, my stomach felt great for once in my lifetime. I don’t think I farted once. We kept the pace very moderate and I never felt tired. I stopped halfway and had an Island Nectar GU and I pretended I was drinking a pina coloda. That GU flavor rocks my world and it’s a Roctane one, so there is some much needed caffeine in there.

I had some aches starting at about mile 8, mostly left side stuff like my back, my neck and my calf. I am happy to report my left ear lobe did not hurt. I know that my form is still off, and as I’m making changes I’m sure I’m taxing other parts of my body. I still feel that my left side is weak and wonky. The aches and pains frustrate me, I’m not going to lie. I am beyond sick of feeling limited in my training. I keep telling myself that all of this is a means to an end.

On a different note, I know you have been wondering for the past few days how the tutu making is going for our race on Monday. All I can say is I am clearly Martha Stewart minus the jail time. Here is a sneak peek:



The no-sew home-made tutu is the way to go. Don’t be too jealous. Now the question is, do I go commando underneath? Ken thinks yes, but I don’t want to frighten the other runners. Or, scar my daughter for life.

 What types of stuff did you used to do at sleepovers? I can’t tell because I think my dad reads this blog and he will ground me or take away my Garmin.

Are you the worrier or laid-back one in your relationship? I know Ken gets sick of me worrying. It has been this way for 20 years. Good thing I am so perfect in every other way.

Did you do a long run this weekend?


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