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Kids, Shopping and Making Holes in the Boat

By Saltykisses @svprili

Time seems to fly by but also stand still at the same time. For all the days that take forever to end you look back and think what happened to the first half of the week?

Carl has been working on welding over the ports. They leaked a lot and we thought lets just kill them, never to leak again. All the cabins have overhead hatches for light and other than being at a dock the portholes really do nothing (other than leak).



The kids are getting along really well lately and even the bub likes to hang with the girls. Yes that is a barn door on his hand. It is tough having three miniatures but to watch them interact is priceless.


Little Crew better learn to sit up soon or else he’s not going to be able to fit in the tub anymore, he’s a chunk at over 15lbs 3 months old.


Yes that is a crows nest in the above picture. We are officially pirates. I don’t know why but Carl just had to have one, he better use it. You may find me up there some days when I need to some time out from the family.


We now have grab rails in the salon. We have such a large “living room” that its are bit dangerous to navigate through, now the girls have monkey bars to swing from and mumma has a clothes line!



Yesterday was my big provisioning day. We used up all our supplies down in the Bahamas and it was time to restock. Maybe I went a bit overboard! All the food will be used and now we don’t have to worry about hauling everything back to the boat in our dingy. If we do make it up to Newfoundland I’ve heard that towns are very few and far between, we will not be going hungry.


We are thrilled we are now able to easily mount our dingy on deck. We haul it out over the life lines using our electric winch and BAM she’s safe and sound on deck.

So the week has been a blur and I feel like nothing has been done but in reality we’ve accomplished a lot, especially with 3 kids screaming for attention. We were hoping to leave tomorrow for Maine but we have a doctors appointment for the baby (ear infection), I want to take all the bedding to a laundromat while we still have a car and need to do a last minute shop for fresh produce. We should leave out first thing Saturday and head to P-Town (Providence Town) on the tip of Cape Cod. It will be an all day motor through the Cape Cod Canal and instead of sailing straight for Maine we’ll get a good nights sleep under our belts first – my idea, why do I have the husband that likes to leave at the crack of ass and go go go until we get there? Can’t we do it slowly, take breaks and enjoy the sail without being grumpy tired the whole time – that’s me.

We got ourselves a Pactor Modem in the mail the other day so now we have the headache of setting it all up. I hope to write a blog underway north, if we can get our heads around it. Fingers crossed and praying for some pixie dust.

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