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Kesar Pista kulfi-SNC August

By Harini
I am very happy to say I am also a part of very lively and wonderful group.South vs North challenge group-brain child of Divya Pramil.I joined the group at the last of July and was looking forward to the August month challenge.I belong to southern group and supposed to tackle the challenges that comes from North :).I think this is the whole fun and challenging part of this group.We get to know recipes,cooking methods,techniques and also get a chance to familiarize our self with many ingredients that we dont use in day to day cooking.With all these said I was really happy to see my first ever challenge is my favorite frozen dessert kulfi- ice cream from our very own land,challenged by Shruti :). I have already a kulfi here but that is a different flavored one and does not use condensed milk.For all these days I have been thinking kulfi with condensed milk will not taste good but I was wrong :) Here followed shruthi's recipe to T and I was amazed by the texture,flavor and taste of kulfi.This is one more addition to my favorite dessert repertoire :) .Thank you Divya and Shruthi :)
Kesar pista kulfi-SNC August
Kesar pista kulfi
Star ingredients:Milk,condensed milk and pistachios
Time:20 minutes+freezing
Kesar pista kulfi-SNC August
1/2 liter milk
3 table spoons sugar
3 table spoons sweetened condensed milk
3/4 tbsp cornflour1/8 tsp cardamom powder2 table spoons pistachios A pinch of saffron
1.Take about 1/4 cup of milk and dissolve the corn flour to it.Keep aside.Dry roast and crush the pistachios.
2.Add the remaining milk,condensed milk,sugarto a heavy bottomed vessel and bring to a boil.Once boiled reduce the flame and stir continuously for up to 10 minutes.Add the cornflour mixture and continue to stir.
3.When the milk starts thickening add the saffron and pistachios.Remove from flame and allow to cool completely.
4.Pour into moulds and freeze minimum 4 hours.Once set unmould and serve immediately.
Kesar pista kulfi-SNC AugustNotes:
1.I did not have rose water as suggested by Shruti so I didn't add.
2.If you dont have kulfi mold you can use cupcake mold or just a loaf pan.Once set cut into squares and serve.

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