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KeepSolid Sign Review: Fast & Secure Electronic Signature Software

Posted on the 21 August 2018 by Rahulthepcl

KeepSolid Sign is an electronic signature app which is available to sign contracts anywhere and anytime and from any device. It can be used for any work whether it is corporate or personal. Usually, you need to print, sign, and scan a document before finally sending it to the concerned party and it takes a lot of your time due to which the process and the deals get delayed sometimes. Not just this, but the bigger the level of the business, the higher are the responsibilities and formalities, but
KeepSolid Sign resolves this problem of users by creating this process of signing documents straightforward and convenient for all users. It is also available in offline mode.

KeepSolid Sign Review: Fast & Secure Electronic Signature Software

All the documents signed on KeepSolid are purely legal, and so there's no risk of making frauds or cheating. It works well in urgency when you don't have any access to the paperwork, but you need to sign some pdf documents. With this, you no more need the older print and scanning method to sign contracts. It can be used on all major platforms like Windows, Web, Mac, Cloud, iOS and on Android devices too. You can also try it for free for 14 days with their trial version. While using KeepSolid, you need only to drag and drop your e- the signature to the essential place and can finally send the documents to the targeted party. However, you can learn to how to use KeepSolid by opening their training feature in the
online signature app. The starting price of KeepSolid is set to $7.99/month/ user.

Features of KeepSolid Sign

Fields of Using KeepSolid

Business Works

  1. KeepSolid reduces the chances of delay in paperwork in businesses and industries.
  2. All the contracts can be signed within a few minutes as KeepSolid is very efficient.
  3. KeepSolid helps to make and initiate deals with targeted customers.
  4. It improves and affects your customer's experience positively.


  1. Keep solid can be used for educational purposes. It reduces the stress of using and maintaining a hard copy of signed contracts.
  2. It reduces the time of preparing for contracts by hiring lawyers.
  3. It lowers the chances of making spelling mistakes and errors and in turn, prevents misunderstandings.
  4. It reduces the chances of making frauds in educational work as everything is done through the app.
  5. It takes no more than a few minutes to get ready, and it can be used for remote education as well.


Pricing of KeepSolid Sign

The available plans of KeepSolid are created according to the number of users in a particular team. In a specific team, all the members can access the app with all its features. However, the people who sign the documents that are, the signees need not pay any fees. They only need to register to get the KeepSolid id for security purposes. And after this, they can immediately sign the document after reading it.
KeepSolid Sign can be purchased through their website or directly with their app. They accept all primary payment methods that involve credit cards, Stripe, Paypal, Bitcoin, Amazon, AliPay, etc.
The amount of buying KeepSolid varies according to the purpose and number of users for which it is required.

  • It allows a lot of features in the offline mode too.
  • It saves your precious time and efforts.
  • It can download and print different files and documents.
  • It can synchronize with your smartphone.
  • It makes paperwork very easy and fast.
  • It creates new reports with impressive and attractive templates.
  • KeepSolid uses very advanced level encryption which keeps all your sensitive data and confidential information protected from any unauthorized access.
  • It is available free to be tried for 14 days, and there is a 7-day money back guarantee too.
  • Credit card details are not required to be filled up while you are using the free version.
  • Multiple users can sign a particular synchronized document. It makes it very convenient for them to sign and send the report electronically without having any direct face to face contact.
  • Some users feel that the trial period of 14 days is too less to decide the reliability of this software.
  • It is limited to pdf files and documents only; word doc is not supported which is a massive disadvantage for KeepSolid as many users prefer making use of word docs.
  • Sometimes KeepSolid's performance becomes very slow, and it takes a lot of time to connect to the server.
  • It is mandatory to create an account and register with your details first before using KeepSolid and sometimes this software demands to create an account even if the user already built it. This creates frustration in users, and they move away to use a different app for signing documents.
  • It is not entirely free but comes with a subscription, and so users who are owners of small companies and enterprises might hesitate to use it.
  • There is only one package and price option.

Final Words

Overall, KeepSolid is very easy to use the electronic signature software. It displays proper quality signatures, and its popularity is increasing at a fast pace. Many users are starting to make use of this software to manage their workload and to prevent the unnecessary wastage of time.
Only with few clicks, you can initiate a contract or a deal signed by multiple people in minutes. A lot of users have been able to very quickly get adjusted to this software without having any usage complications.

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