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Keeping Your Children Active in the Winter

By Mummyoftwo @RaspberryGiggle

November 6, 2013, admin, Play, Sponsored Posts, , 0

Now the nights are getting darker and the weather is turning colder it can be all too easy to sit in front of the TV in the warm and not be very active.

I find it very difficult to find the motivation to get me and the Little A’s up and active and, with Little Miss A still being young it is difficult sometimes to get all wrapped up to go and do things outside.

Finding ways to stay active whilst staying warm indoors is a must!  I have come up with a few ideas that might help you get off the sofa and keep yourself, and your little one’s active this winter!

1.  Dance - The Little A’s love to dance around the house.  Whether it be popping on one of their favourite CD’s or, watching children’s TV, they love music.  I will often put on the music channels in an afternoon for Little Miss A to have a bop along to.

2.  Play games – If you have a look around you can find a lot of games these days that require you to be active rather than just sitting playing.  Take the old favourite Twister.  It is a cheap game that gives the whole family heaps of fun and gets you up and active at the same time.  Even computer games these days can keep you active, especially those on the Wii!

3.  Cleaning – Doing the cleaning can help keep you really active.  I’m not sure older children would be up for helping but the Little A’s love grabbing a cloth and following me around when polishing and Little Miss A loves to ‘help’ me hoover!  Whilst they enjoy it I say make the most of it!

4.  Create your own soft play – OK so if you have just bought a new, expensive sofa you might not want to try this one…  Grab lots of cushions and pillows and put them on your front room floor to let the children climb around and jump about on.  If you have some plastic balls you could even create a little ball pool!

5.  Aerobics – If, like me, you have an old aerobics DVD lurking somewhere in your collection why not get dressed up in some sports wear with your children and have a fun hour all joining in.  It will get you all jumping around, having fun together!


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