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Keeping The Hits Clean ...

Posted on the 11 April 2014 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
Clean Bandit have done it again and come May 18th, we'll all be raving about them once again. They've teamed up with someone you'll not have heard of once again (This time it's Sharna Bass), but once you give Extraordinary a go, you'll want it in your playlist ... and seeing as it'll be about just in time for Summer, we're sure that everyone and anyone will have this blaring from their car speakers in the sun.
Keeping The Hits Clean ...At the start the comparisons to Bastille are really very easy. The use of drenched vocals really brings that one forward, but soon enough that comparison really loses its flow, and something closer to Rudimental forms.
The signature behind Clean Bandit's success is still very much there in the use of specific beats and pops, mixed about with the use of talented classic musicians such as cellists and violinists. However, the use of another artist for the main vocal, and somehow just the feel of this as a whole really does bring forth that Rudimental flavor ... just with a different twist.
You'll notice quite a lot of voice changing apparatus used throughout, and at first this actually bothered us quite a bit. However, after a little while it seems relatively masked and, once your head gets into the infectiousness of it all, there's absolutely no way that you'll be able to care about it ... and that's coming from people who cannot stand the sight or thought of a vocoder.
In short, this is an absolute belter - it doesn't sound quite the same as their previous feat, but you can't go wrong with the elements they've placed together! It's very simple, really quite easy to sing along to, particularly infectious, containing a beat that you can clap to ... and all in all, quite a lot of fun too. No one can really go wrong when they're the ingredients you're paying around with, but it seems once more than Clean Bandit have absolutely taken it in the right direction - we're sure this is another hit.

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