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Keep Calm. You Only…

By Brisdon @shutuprun

Here is a sweet story of irony for you (I think this may qualify as situational irony, but I am not sure. I’m no English major):

For two months I have been running on ice and snow, about 40-50 miles per week. For two months I have not fallen. I have not hardly even slipped. Yay for me.


And, then what do I do?

Last night I fell downs the stairs on my way to do my nightly house check (oven off, doors locked, coffee made for the morning). Basically, my feet slipped and I bounced down several stairs on my coccyx (one of those funny words in the dictionary). If it didn't hurt so freaking bad, it might have been really funny.

What is a COCCYX you ask (pron: cock-siks)?. It is a fancy name for tail bone. The area right above your butt crack. The area just below where tramp stamps appear.

If you have ever injured your cock-siks then you know how much it hurts. I cried. I iced. I heated. I did not take up Ken’s offers to go the ER, but just watched the Walking Dead and cried some more. I bet getting your head chopped off by a sword hurts more than a banged up coccyx.

Keep Calm. You Only…

By morning I wasn’t in as much pain, but I am so, so sore. Today was supposed to be a 6 mile run, but since you should not run with an impaired coccyx, I thought a rest day was in order. So, I drank some coffee:


Of course I have self diagnosed on Google. I have learned that I need to sit on a donut (that gets kind of messy, especially when I try to eat it at the same time – I’m flexible that way), ice, rest, take ibuprofen, and avoid long periods of sitting.  I’m assuming it’s okay to lay with a Heidi on your back.


Oh, and some lovely info I found online: “If your tailbone is sensitive during bowel movements, eat more fiber to soften your stools and drink water to flush out any constipation.” Another perk of a bruised coccyx! Painful pooping!
I am not sure what the lesson is from this. Some possibilities:

  • Wear Yak Traks in the house
  • Move to a ranch-style home
  • Gain a lot of weight in the coccyx area so I have more cushioning for next time
  • Do not do a nightly house check and stay awake all night wondering if I left the iron on (OCD)

I am trying not to panic about my training. I am at my peak for LA Marathon training and things have been going so well. I am going to assume each day I’ll be less sore and can resume my running. I know these things can take a long time to heal. This SUCKS.


Have you ever injured your tailbone/coccyx area?

What’s the last household injury you had? Before this one I sliced my finger coring a pineapple.


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