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By Lollicious @lollicious
Are you a believer? I am not.... I live my life trying to be a good, generous and honest person, I live this way because it makes me feel happy and content.I don't do it to "get anything" or "to be seen" as generous... or nice... I take after my Mother who is the most generous person I have ever met and I am constantly trying to be more selfless like she is.
I have had many sad, hard, dishonest and ungenerous things happen to me and at times I must admit I have lost faith in being a good person and wondered when it was my turn, when I would get my happiness and my amazing to good to be true life.. Looking for the little things that bring happiness helped, like meeting a good friend, adopting my kitten,passing uni and getting my foot in the HR door. But I still longed for the day when I  would be walking along thinking that I was happy,happy beyond my wildest dreams, That I was so content and loved that its all been worth it.
This afternoon I was walking along, the sun was shining, my beautiful engagement ring was sparkling and the thought of my fiance and home where on my mind and it dawned on me that I was the happiest I have ever been..
Love yourself more

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