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Karli Backwater

By Vishnudas
Karli Backwater, an Amazing Experience Whenever we think about tropical splendour or say backwater destination than the first thing that comes in our mind are the stifling wonders of Kerala. Now how would you react when I say the mark of backwaters is chased by the land of Sindhudurg where tranquil hegemony of nature gets reflected by the visage of Karli backwater and other amazing backwaters.If you think that Kerala is the only backwater destination where you can rest assure to see the symphony of it than think again because an alternative like Sindhudurg is the place where all your desires and hidden fantasy are expected to get tail to swim across the silent wave of it.Long and narrow stretch of Karli backwater which is complimented by a stunning ambience of nature is the place for you to enjoy your well earned vacation. The backwater of Karli refers to the Karli River that flows along the creek of Karli bends its way to merge with the enormous depth of Arabian Sea.While enjoying the course of Karli backwater which is found within an estuary of Maharashtra, traveler must look to appreciate an initiative of the state government and tourism department who made up their mind to discover it as tourist destinations. With their relevant approach the Karli Backwater is now one of the most allured tourist destinations around the gulf of Sindhudurg where you will witness the call of Houseboats which depicts the glory of the one which are to be found within the shore of Kerala.Its estuarine is home to many animals and marine life which in turn would give an opportunity to its traveler to enjoy the vivid perks of life. While developing the course of tourism the department here have also highlighted the adventure perks which is defined by a boating spot here. So that means the journey here would be leisure at the same time adventurous.Nearby AttractionWhile you come here at Sindhudurg which as mentioned above is the pristine destination surrounded by backwaters make sure to check other wonderful sites which are equally incredible and astounding.To name some of the exclusive backwater destinations then the names of Walaval Backwaters, Nerurpar backwaters, Katwan backwaters and Aronda-Kiranpani Backwaters requires special mention.Things to DoThe best thing you can look to do while coming at the site of Karli backwater is boating. Make sure to take an initiative to try the perks of boating within the pristine site of Karli. Beside that how about planning your holiday at houseboat which is the new mark initiated by the government of Maharashtra along with tourism department to entice and develop tourism.Best Time to VisitWhenever it comes to the backwater destinations than expect coming around during the month of summer to enjoy the best of the atmosphere because it is during summer when the grandeur of luscious backwaters would unveil its glory before you.How to ReachBy Air-the nearest airport to Karli backwater is Tarkali airport.By train-unfortunately Sindhudurg has no railway station but the closest nodal point would be Sawantwadi station which is located at a distance of around 27 km from Sindhudurg.

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