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Kalimpong Tourism

By Anooppt @anoopppt
Kalimpong Tourism Looking down over the Teesta valley like an eagle perched on a high cliff is a small hill station called Kalimpong. This particular hill station is located at an average elevation of 1250 metres and is known to be one of the most popular holiday destinations in the state of West Bengal.
One can reach this quaint settlement on the ridge overlooking the swift flowing Teesta from the plains of Siliguri by either hiring a cab or taking one of the share taxis that ply everyday. The sights that greet you as you begin the uphill climb will surely entice you. The drive is a long one and moves through the thick forest cover that canopy the Teesta valley. One also comes across the “Coronation Bridge” which is a marvel of architecture built over the swift flowing river.  The greenish tinged river is a grand sight that runs by you all the way till you begin your uphill climb into Kalimpong town. One can often see the common rhesus monkeys dwelling by the roadside waiting for passing by cars to throw treats at them. The drive to this hill station is an exciting one as the national highway is constructed on a cliff overlooking the fast flowing tributary of Brahmaputra. As the uphill climb advances you come across some of the most famous schools not only in India but the world too. This hill station is known for its educational institutions and some of the most famed ones are Dr. Graham Homes, St. Augustines School, St. Josephs Convent etc. These schools have students from all across India and the neighbouring countries of Bhutan, Bangladesh, Thailand etc.
A wide number of places of tourist interests are also present here but the places that one must visit when on a holiday here are:-
The hill station is also known for its role in Horticulture and cottage industries. It has a number of plant nurseries that cultivate exotic flowers and plants such as orchids, cacti, papilodium, angelias etc. 
These flowers are exported all over the world to countries such as Holland, Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal etc. The cottage industries here comprise of sericulture, pisciculture, handcrafts and dairy. The most famed among them are the dairy products. Some of the dairy products that one should definitely try out are ‘peda’, ‘khajur’, Kalimpong lolipops and ‘churpee’. Deolo- this is the highest point of the town and offers panoramic views of the adjoining hills and the entire town. Horse riding is one of the must do things when visiting this place. This place also holds two large water reserviors that supplies the entire town. The world famous educational institution Dr. Graham Homes is also located on this hill. Monasteries- though the indigenous people of this hill station is believed to be the Lepcha tribe, there are a lot of tibetan monasteries here as it was a part of Bhutan in the early days. The monasteries here are ancient ones and mostly of Bhutanese origin. The oldest and most revered monastery is the Thongsa monastery which was established in the year 1692. Durpin Dara- the name translates to “binocular hill” and when one visits it he/she will find that the name is an apt one. From here one can see the famed Kanchendzonga and the Chola ranges. One can even see Darjeelings highest point “Tiger Hill” and the entire Teesta valley. Other than these places there are others such as the Mangal Dham, Lava, Pedong, Algarah, Relli etc which need to be visited when on a holiday to this hill station. To put in all in a nutshell this small quaint hillstation is a beautiful, diverse and funfilled one to spend a summer vacation. The best times to visit the place would be in the months of March-May, September-November and the winter months.

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