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Just Saying Hey :)

By Tinaeveritt @TinaEveritt
I firmly believe that all women are beautiful and that beauty can be enhanced and displayed for everyone to see with good skin care and correct color choice and make-up application. I also understand that for some people this doesn't come so easily and walking up to a counter with a big group of overly made-up girls can be intimidating. I figured this blog could be a benefit for both of us. :) I'm at home right now with a one month old baby girl and make-up and skin care are hobbies of mine. I can share with you my honest opinions on products from the drug store to the department store and break down a lot of the mixed messages out there today like: "Do I really need a foundation brush?" and "Is make-up primer just you trying to sell me another product?".
I found this quote and thought it was a perfect way to introduce this blog, so here it is:
Just saying hey :)

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