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BJ's Wholesale!

By Tinaeveritt @TinaEveritt
I know it's been a little while since I made a new post, but I had a very hectic and productive last couple of days! I got my apartment pretty much cleaned and organized and my hubby and I got a membership to BJ's Wholesale and thus leads me into this post! Shampoo, conditioner, drug store skin care, oral care ... BJ's! Run, don't walk to your local store and sign up now! If you go to their website,, you can print out a one day pass to see the deals for yourself before you sign up. Often their website or the coupons in your Sunday paper offers a 60 day trial membership or $40 for a yearly membership instead of $50.
Anyway, as you probably already know, they sell in bulk. The items are usually supersized and/or multiple items in a pack. When you become a member, you get monthly coupon books with tons of great values! The bonus? You can double up! You can use a BJ's coupon and a coupon from the internet or the paper on one product! Also if you've seen some of the extreme couponing people are up to, you can sometimes use multiples. If the item you're purchasing is shrink wrapped together (like in plastic) you can use a BJ's coupon and a paper/internet coupon per item in the shrink wrap! For example, I bought Nivea Skin Firming lotion in a supersized two-pack. I used a BJ's coupon on the pack and two Nivea coupons (one for each bottle). You can get value on top of value in this store! They sell department store fragrances at a discounted rate and often include two bottles in a pack. They carry a lot of the major hair care lines and skin care lines too!
On another short note, as a new mommy I have to mention the benefits for that too! They sell bulk diapers, wipes, and formula which is a GODSEND as any other mommies out there can attest to! They offer coupons for the major brands and you can double up with these as well (BJs & paper/internet coupons). They also offer their own brand, Berkley and Jensen, in a variety of products, diapers & wipes included. They are a great quality and my little Zoe hasn't had any problems with them, coming from two parents with sensitive skin!
So that about wraps up my spiel on your needing to head on over to BJ's and check them out so here's a link to their website so you can get on that one day pass and start your beauty savings!!
BJ's website
- BJ's one day pass

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