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Just Posted! Special Edition of “Hawaii In Vermont” Podcast: the Hawaiian Blogger Interview Series

Posted on the 17 March 2011 by Danainvermont @websouffle

Finally!  I am happy to be posting 2 parts of my special edition of our podcast I have entitled the Hawaiian Blogger Series. These are interviews I conducted on location with local Hawaii Five-0 bloggers when I visited Oahu, last month in February.

The first of the series is with Officer808 (aka @H50undercover on Twitter), from of the always witty and informative,Hawaii Five-0 Undercover blog. Listeners to our regular Hawaii Five-0 podcast will recognize his name from the many times he has contributed valuable location information and trivia to our reviews.

The  second interview is with @AlohaBruce of, a very cool, local travel company. Bruce even has his own smartphone App in the App store also named Hawaii-Aloha for avid Hawaiian lovers and travelers.  He is also a fellow podcaster and vidcaster of his own on the Hawaii-Vacation Connectionblog about travel to the aloha state. While I was there I interviewed Bruce and he in turn interviewed me for his vidcast and a few days later he joined me to watch the filming of the final scene in next weeks episode, #19 to be broadcast on Monday, March 21st. If you squint and use a telescope you may be able to catch our table in the final scene in “deep, deep” background. You can also look at both Officer808′s as well as AlohaBruce’s blogs for video he shot of the filming.

The final interviews I will be posting in the next few days will be those I conducted with famed “Lost” podcaster, blogger and tech guru Ryan Ozawa as well as the Honolulu Star Advertiser’s Pulse blogger, Wendie Burbridge who writes reviews of the show on her  Five-0 Redux blog.

These new friends were incredible hosts while I was in their state and offered me great hospitality and the true Aloha spirit!  Please make sure you check out their websites and blogs and leave them comments and feedback for them.

As always I welcome your input, comments and feedback as well!  Please remember that all my podcasts are available here or on iTunes where you can subscribe to them for free!  I would love if people would leave me some itunes feedback also!  If you would like to contribute audio or emails or tweets to the show please communcate here, or at [email protected] or at my twitter handle: @websouffle !

Audio can be recorded and send via email to the above address as well or just email me and I can arrange to record a voice mail or skype session!

Mahalo Nui and Aloha!

Dana In Vermont

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