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Just Posted! Latest ‘Hawaii In Vermont’ Podcast of Hawaii Five-0′s ‘Penultimate’ Episode: “Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau”

Posted on the 16 May 2011 by Danainvermont @websouffle


Okay, the end is near….no doubt about it. That’s what Eli and I talk about in Show#9 of our “Hawaii In Vermont” Podcast.

Topics for this week’s discussion include:

• A prolonged and totally unnecessary discussion of whether “Uncle Steve” should have been allowed to go unchallenged in picking Grace up from school,

•The unforgiveable abandonment of possibly hurt and wounded Swat Team members outside of Wo Fat’s ‘Unsafe House’

•Eddie Vedder’s fantastic song “Longing To Belong” and a music video of it that you shouldn’t miss.

•Whether Jenna Kaye is growing on us…well, me. 

•Danny & Rachel’s future and what it might imply for the “Bromance” of the century,

•Eli’s ability to not be so “cold-hearted” 

•A discussion of what we might expect next week with proper Spoiler Alertage.

As always, please leave feedback below, at my Facebook Page,  via email at[email protected] or tweet at @Websouffle.

Also, Please tune in midweek, when I hope to post our Finale Podcast Extravaganza and have invited Officer808 of the blog and @WendieJoy of the Five-0 Redux blog to join me in reviewing the final episode of Hawaii Five-0!  

Be There! Aloha

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