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Just Heavenly ...

Posted on the 09 October 2013 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog
Amber thoroughly impressed us earlier on in the year, to the point that we suggested their success would reach the same heights as the likes of Bastille. Since their last EP, Noah, we haven't heard a whole lot from them, but they have finally come together once again to offer their new single, Heaven, and goodness gracious, it's a beauty.
Just Heavenly ...It lies somewhere between blatant and subtle. There are points where you'll think the vocals are very much in your face, but actually, if you listen to it subjectively, you'll appreciate the beauty of it all ... whilst still noticing that it is as catchy as anything else you've been listening to of late.
The vocal, as always, is completely on point, showcasing an array of different notes that, for most, would be incredible hard to duck and dive between ... though, in this, in comparison to their earlier work, we do wonder if a little bit of adjusting was used - nonetheless, it's utterly incredible.
Their songwriting sense is one that we haven't heard for a long while. There's a real sense of meaning behind all of the words that are sung and, when placed against what can only be described as the perfect backdrop, there's no wonder that we think the world of this group.
It really is only a matter of time until these guys hit the big time, so we suggest you start seeing them in smaller venues now whilst you can ... because before long they'll be the ones crashing Ticketmaster due to uncontrollable demand.

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