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Jupiter Conjunct Sirius – A Time of Success and Confidence

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


This aspect is active from 27th August through until 7th September 2013 – It occurs at 14:16 degrees Cancer

This is a lovely connection that is about to occur. Sirius sitting in Canis Major, the constellation of the great dog as I have mentioned before is the brightest of all the stars in our universe in relation to the earth and is known quite rightly as the shining one or the Scorcher. This star brings a link between one's small acts or deeds that you may carry out in relation to the greater scheme of a project. It can also see you rise to prominence for a short time, the 15 minutes of fame one always talks about. Now if you add in the beneficial and expansive influence of Jupiter, that 15 minutes of fame can extend into something much longer and bigger. Here we have a star of success meeting the planet of opportunity, a fortunate combination in my eyes.

Now we do have to bear in mind that Jupiter can always over extend things and in any project or idea that you have to do now or in any deed you do or action you carry out, this feeling of nothing can go wrong can lead one to be over-confident or just plain complacent. As such, it is important now that you do keep your feet very firmly on terra firma, and if you do then you can achieve some significant achievements during the week and a half that this planet and star are in direct contact. Look to where 14 Cancer is in your own natal chart and here is the key to expansion and where you can find opportunities, unlock some previously closed doors and generally do very well. There is a feel good factor at work, one that you have a chance to engage with and harness for yourself.

Around the world you may see confidence on the up as a result of this connection. Stock markets may rise, international cooperation may happen and the doom and gloom of the financial downturn that the world has been suffering may be relieved for a short while. Expect good news to come out somewhere and I don’t often say this here on Solaris Astrology, so savour it while it lasts.

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