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July 21, 2015 – Tuesday’s Training Report

By Debi Lantzer @debiL1611

Well hello…………….. so you wondered what happened to me last week, didn’t you? I explained it to my mother last Tuesday and I’ll explain to you now:


Because I came down with some horrible stomach “issues” (I’m being polite here) the night before and the whole day of my scheduled 5.5 mile long run, I simply switched the two weekends of Week 10 and Week 11 around and completed the long run of 5.5 miles this past weekend, which means I only missed out on one run of 2.5 miles – not so bad for me…..

If I have you good and confused, then I’ll use pictures to try and clear it up. Below is two weeks (Week 10 and Week 11) of the Hal Higdon 30 Week Marathon Training Guide – Novice Supreme:


Here’s the two week breakdown of my runs:

Week 10:

Tuesday – 2 miles – home treadmill 14:18 / 14:15

Wednesday – 3 miles – home treadmill 14:33 / 13:58 / 12:02

Friday – 3 miles – home treadmill 14:18 / 14:00 / 14:00 

Sunday – 60 minute walk

Week 11:

Tuesday – 3 miles – home treadmill 13:58 / 14:30 / 14:30

Thursday – 3 miles – home treadmill 14:04 / 14:16 / 14:14

Friday – 3 miles – home treadmill 13:55 / 14:00 / 13:49 = 13:54 pace!!

Saturday – 30 minute walk (really more like 2 hours)

Sunday – 5.5 miles – home treadmill – 13:58 / 13:57 / 14:40 / 14:39 / 14:36 / 7:00

There, that’s the nitty gritty of the training.  I’m back on track with it and I feel great. My 5.5 mile run was not pretty, and I was kind of sore afterwards. I had to run some errands and do a few things and by the time I got home, I get off my feet for a while. I know I wasn’t properly hydrated, for starters. I’ve taken a couple of pointers from some more seasoned runners and will try some different things with my upcoming runs. I’m not sure if it’ll turn out better or worse, but you’ll hear about it next week!

WEIGHT/EATING: From July 6 to July 20 (Weeks 10 and 11), I’m down 7 pounds. I’m finally planning meals better and not indulging in the things I know are not good for me. I’ve also decided that I’m giving up beef. My body doesn’t seem to process it well, and it seems every time I eat it, I have problems. At first I thought it was just steak, but then I had a hamburger and paid the price for it too.

So then there’s the last subject…… drinking water: I’d like to tell you all that I’ve been drinking massive amounts of water, but the truth is, that I’ve only just started to pick up on my water consumption the last three days, but I have picked it up, and I can only get better, right? Stay tuned for Week 12 of the Hal Higdon 30 Week Marathon Training Guide – Novice Supreme next week!


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