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July 2012 Totals

By Scarecrow
Scarecrow's Garden July 2012 Journal Notes:  July 2012 TotalsJust like this tag on the Lime Verbena, that I bought from Diggers Club, my garden has been quite dormant through July. As we head into the final month of winter downunder there are small signs that the garden is waking up from it's winter hibernation.
Temperatures this month:
Lowest Min -3.7C
Highest Min 7.2C
Lowest Max 8.1C
Highest Max 16C
42.5mm Rain
Weather Highlights?
With 11 frost days this month and days ever so slowly lengthening there are signs of new growth around the garden. The sun, when it shines, has more warmth in it now, the Faverolles are all laying again and it seems spring is just around the corner. The first Spring seeds have been sown into the warmth of the propagation tray and garden planning for Spring planting  is just about complete.

Basil Ocimum basilicum
Genovese from DT Brown *
Lettuce Leaf from Cornucopia Seeds *
Mrs Burns Lemon from The Lost Seed *
Basil Sweet Genovese from Mr Fothergill's Seed Mat *Link to post about these
Purple Ocimum basilicum cy purpurascens from Phoenix Seeds *
Capsicum California Wonder Capsicum annuum from New Gippsland Seeds *
Celery Dorata D'Asti Apium graveolens var. dulce from Digger's
Celery Tendercrisp Apium graveolens var. dulce from The Lost Seed
Cress - American Upland Barbarea vulgaris from Cornucopia Seeds
Egyptian Spinach Corchorus olitorius from Cornucopia Seeds *
Golden Purslane Portulaca oleracea from Cornucopia Seeds *
Leaf Amaranth Amaranthus gangeticus from Eden Seeds *
Leaf Amaranth Mekong Red Amaranthus gangeticus from The Lost Seed *
Leek Elephant Allium ampeloprasum from Digger's
Leek Musselburg Allium ampeloprasum from The Lost Seed
Lettuce Canasta Lactuca sativa from The Lost Seed
Lettuce Darwin Lactuca sativa from The Lost Seed
Mountain Spinach - Yellow Orach Atriplex hortensis from Cornucopia Seeds *
Scuplit Silene inflata from The Italian Gardener
Tomato  Lycopersicon esculentum
Black Russian from The Lost Seed *
Golden Sunrise from Phoenix Seeds *
Ida Gold Home saved seeds *
Oregon Spring from Inspirations Seeds *
Oxheart Red from The Lost Seed *
Roma from Inspirations Seeds *
Rumsey's Cross from Select Organic*
Red Colossus from Select Organic*
Cat's Paw Anigozanthos humilis from Mr Fothergill's Australia's Wildflowers *
Seeds marked * have been planted into punnets of seed raising mix or Jiffy® pots and placed in or very close to the heated propagating unit housed in the old caravan.
Other seeds have peen sown into punnets or Jiffy® pots wrapped loosely in plastic near a window (but out of reach of the sun) in the old caravan.
Potting up/on:
Larkspur Delphinium consolida volunteers from a pathway
Evening Primrose Pink Oenothera speciosa that had invaded a bed
July 2012 TotalsLarkspur self-seeders popping up in the pathways have been potted up to grow on and be replanted later.
Dusty Miller Centaurea gymnocarpa
Seedlings Planted Out:
Broad Beans Early Long Pod into the topped up Mound Bed in the Old Chook Run Garden
Onions Brown (purchased seedlings) into Bed 17 in the Old Chook Run Garden
Harvest Tally:
Doesn't include Greens fed to the chooks on a daily basis or herbs picked for use in the kitchen for cooking or tea making. For Salads, Juice and Stirfries  I have been picking Lettuce, Watercress, Lebanese Watercress, Kale, Silverbeet,  Gotu Kola, Parcel, Parsley and Beetroot Leaves which are not always weighed. The winter harvest is much lower than other months but we still don't have to buy much as we continue to eat out of  our stored food supply.
See side bar for details --->>>
Potatoes 891g
Celery 425g
Jerusalem Artichokes 245g
Total Eggs for July 49 eggs:
23 From the 5 Farmyard Ferals
0 From the Lone Barnevelder
26 From the 4 Faverolles
July 2012 TotalsThe first blossom...on the Almond trees
July 2012 Totals
The cold has made the foliage on this Silver Posie Thyme turn red
July 2012 Totals
The lush growth of Green Manure has been cut and rough-hoed in
July 2012 Totals
Around the garden things are stirring to life
  • Broad Beans are taking off in Bed 10
  • Romanesco Broccoli is healthy and pest free under the netting in bed 18
  • I had to buy in Brown Onions seedlings this year after more failed seed germination!!
  • Spring Onions bought from the shop were re-planted and are ready to cut as greens again.* 
July 2012 Totals In the Water Garden Shadehouse: Watercress and Lebanese Watercress are providing greens for salads.
July of Previous Years:
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