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"Judicial Tyranny" by a Republican Owned Supreme Court? Only When Voting Against GOP Interest!

Posted on the 28 June 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
Reject Judicial Tyranny?? My, oh my! Who rejected Judicial Tyranny when Koch Industries Corp. became one Citizen, united? Who rejected Judicial Tyranny when George W bought his own Presidency? How dare the Republican owned Supreme Court rule against their benefactors??...not only once, but 3 times in a row!!

In the words of Mike Huckabee; "The Supreme Court can't overrule God"!! When you've lost every argument and issue on your political repertoire...turn even farther to the Right and Evangelical America...cater to the 1% while exploiting the Religiously exploitable. My question to Huckabee is; The Supreme Court can't overrule what God? Your God? my God? whose God? In a multi-denominational society, one must respect others' Religious beliefs to co-exist in this world or be cast aside as for whom they are...a radical lunatic fringe of love with their own Interpretations of the Bible, in love with their own social characteristics, just madly in Love with themselves! Only they are right and the other 9 Billion Inhabitants of this planet don't know shit!...spoiled little crybabies who don't enjoy losing. Fix the rules to favor you...and if they don't? change them and get a Court that that's more to your liking!Now your ever-present Cast of Clowns, all couldn't wait to voice their disapproval of their own Justices and the Judicial System. Let the horseshit begin to fly! 'is' an election cycle.You have so much Christian Values, so much Family Values perceived among this group of degenerates...Jeb Bush preaching Family Values? at least he helped rig the elections for his brother, hey! that's Family! Then you have preacher Huckabee who's own values can be easily questioned...he's a degenerate pervert who wishes to be a transgender so he can enter the girls shower room and experience how it feels to be a women. He's also supporter of a has been One Hit Wonder pedophile, whom he loves to rock and play the same Filthy songs he tells his flock to reject as sinful music. Rick Santorum? what can you say about the Gay Community's favorite "Santorum"? Scott Walker? he's as Religious as an Atheist...the man doesn't give a shit who he offends as long as he can get your votes...he's probably the lowest form of human life a Politico could ever be, and he's shamefully an American!And finally the Lord, himself...the chosen savior of the masses, the Messiah!! Ted Cruz! the biggest Dumbo of the Dumbo Party...what else can be said about Canada's gift to America, about this repulsive piece of human excrement? He wants to get rid of the Supreme Court as it exists today, and have them get elected! On paper? sounds good, with the exception of politicizing the Court even more than it already is. Realistically for the GOP? In today's continuous progression towards the Left by the American populace, it would be a 9-0 Liberal Court with a woman as Chief Justice!! Please! proceed Mr. Cruz!! Living in political self-denial in a fool's paradise! Gay Marriage is the Law of the Land, from Sea to Shining Sea!...and like Obamacare...which is also the Law of the's not going anywhere! It's not going to be struck down any time soon, and like Rowe v Wade, nothing is going to change the ruling! Social Security and then Medicare met the same resistance by the same morons with exactly the same results.Wake Up and smell the Coffee! Conservatism as interpreted in today's world is on the losing end of American Society and 21st Culture...and with the quality of leaders demonstrated by the Cast of A 1,000 Clowns, all making fools of themselves for that nomination? Please! proceed my dear GOP!!

Cruz Proposes Supreme Court Elections to Counter ‘Judicial Tyranny’ | Mediaite

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