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Journey of a Visionary Who is Shaping Future – Mrs. Shalini Gauba

By Themommytale

Mother's Day is one of the most treasured day of the year although we value her presence and love throughout. Today, on this special day we are delighted to present the story of yet another beautiful mom who is an inspiration and shaping young lives. Mrs. Shalini Gauba, The Honorary Director Principal and Founder of the iDiscoveri Preschool Sector 46 Gurgaon. She is an alumni of the Holy Child School in New Delhi and after doing her graduation from Miranda House, Delhi University went on to do her M.A and then her Bachelors in Education.

After serving many years in the education industry as a teacher and headmistress launched her preschool in Naraina Vihar Delhi with the name Tender Steps.

The year 2005 was a big milestone in her life, Mrs. Shalini Gauba laid the foundation of IDISCOVERI PRESCHOOL in sector 46 Gurgaon, Innaugrated and opened the doors of this early childhood learning campus on the 07th day of July in the year 2007.(07-07-07).

Mrs. Shalini Gauba specializes in Curriculum Development, her professional persona has many qualities like teacher education, leader ship and creativity in education. Mrs. Shalini Gauba firmly believed in enhancing a child's personality, learning skills, and confidence.

So let's talk to Mrs. Shalini Gauba and here her story.

1. Shaping early years of a child is a very crucial, sensitive and important phase. How did you find inspiration and idea to open Preschool?

There were a lot of reasons. But only one reason really mattered: I wanted to stay home with my children and be the primary influence in their lives.

Hence I opened a PreSchool "TENDER STEPS" in Delhi in the year 1998, Then after battling and recovering from Breast Cancer in the year 1999, I found that there were a lot of fragmented local players, and not focused on Early Childhood. Parents understood the need for a more organic way of educating their children.

There was nothing more satisfying than educating young minds and Involving yourself in it alongside. Hence I decided to shift to Gurgaon in the year 2007 with the iDiscoveri Preschool at Sector 46.

2. Once a woman enters the phase of motherhood, Her relatives and known keep raising the question on her professional life how will you manage your work now? You are a mom and a brand owner how do you manage the same. Were there challenges for you too?

Yes, the challenges were ample. Initially, after marriage I did not work but I thought in spite of getting a degree in education, I was wasting time sitting at home. I gathered courage of realizing that I can balance work and my home and my children. I got back to teaching in a school nearby so that I can reach home as soon as my children came back from their school.

I then opened a Preschool in my home in the year 1998, I suffered a major blow with Breast Cancer, But my family, friends and MY HUSBAND supported me and I was back to work again. Initially, my work capacity had reduced but my passion for my work did not let me stop and I moved ahead with passion.

3.When you come to your school or office and if you see a child needs some extra help or support how do you manage and how does the motherhood experience you implement here.

If I sence at work that a child needs extra help or support, I observe that particular child for some time in the outdoors and in the classroom. I then with the mentors take out various ways to handle the concern areas keep the parents in the loop.

We suggest the way forward and regular meeting with parents, talking to them and finding means to help the child to move forward. Also first born was premature child of 3 pounds in the 7th month in the year 1988. At that time there was not much Medical Science or Google to help me. I had devised my own means and ways in consultation with the Doctors for his milestones and gross and fine motor skills and his writing skills where he used to write a "b" as "d" and vice versa.

I had the confidence of using different ways with my own child which would take him forward. You need a lot of patience to do all this, and today he is a renowned lawyer.

4. Many believe motherhood is a full-stop to a professional life what's your take on it?

MOTHER:- It is said Mother is a Protector, Disciplinarian and a Friend to her child. Motherhood is NOT for giving up your dreams as a mother can BALANCE everything in her Life.


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