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Joke Table Setting

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Joke Table Setting It's no secret that while doing mundane things you can come up with inspirational ideas.  Recently while chopping vegetables I realised you could make rose-stamps from bok-choy.  Last night while washing dishes I noticed that we had two different knife shapes; one was quite rounded, the other quite pointy and I thought; hmmm... that looks like a sharks' head.  Which got me thinking...
Hey!  Imagine making a joke table setting!  Instead of giving guests a knife and fork, give them two knives!  And make it look like a shark!
(All you have to do is make sure the top knife has it's serrated side showing and stick a googly eye on the top knife with a tiny ball of temporary-tac.)
Of course it's not practical, but so what?  All you have to do is wait until everyone has sat down to dinner and spied their hilarious cutlery, let the hysterical laughter die down and then whisk the top knife away and hand out forks and spoons.
I've wrapped my cutlery with a linen napkin and piece of printpaper form the Jungle Party Craft & Activity Ebook because I thought the shark-idea what suit a wild party theme, but of course, any watery theme would work; or any party involving teenagers for that matter!
So go on - get quirky in the kitchen, and hand out the wrong cutlery next time you serve up dinner at your place!
(And if you're looking for more ideas on how to use printpapers to dress up your table; pop across to and view the inspirational images in our picture gallery download the free printpaper package to experiment, or shop the party printpaper packages and make your meals memorable!)

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