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★ John Greed £250 Pandora Challenge ★

By Sarahhhp @SarahhhP

★ John Greed £250 Pandora Challenge ★
★ John Greed £250 Pandora Challenge ★
I have always been a huge fan of charm bracelets. There is something really special and exciting about being able to collect little additions over time to add to a piece of jewelry - making it that bit more personal. When I was a little girl, my Grandmother bought me a silver charm bracelet and each year for my birthday and at Christmas she would get me an additional piece to add to it - something I found quite magical :)
As part of the Pandora Blogger Challenge set by John Greed Jewellery, bloggers have been asked to design their dream Pandora bracelet by combining a selection of pieces up to the value of £250, with the aim of creating something unique and super stylish in the process. I knew as soon as I saw this, that the route I wanted to pursue would be to make the bracelet I chose as personal to me as possible - choosing each charm so that it represented something really meaningful.
The amethyst charm that I chose really speaks for itself as it represents my birth month - it is super pretty, though at the same quite understated which is the the kind of look I like to go for when it comes to jewelry like this. The pink heart and angel wings charms are of a similar design. When I saw the heart it immediately reminded me of a saying I love - "I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart" - words I like to associate with my Father who passed away nearly five years ago. Leading on from this, the wings and the angel of hope represent the belief that I have in guardian angels and personally I feel that by having these three items on a bracelet, it shows a want to keep these special people close to you at all times.
I included the breast cancer charm because of the wonderful cause it represents.  I know so many people now who have been affected by cancer, including most notably my best friend's mother who passed away nearly three years ago after a long battle with it. If there was one charm that I would recommend everyone include in their design then it would be this one as any chance to highlight such a fantastic campaign should not be missed.
And finally, I chose the little silver horse - how cute is he? :) I got my first pony when I was three and riding has always been a huge part of my life so I felt it only right that I included something that represented this.
I hope you all like the design that I've come up with and the ideas behind the charms that I have chosen. If you fancy being in with a chance of winning your Pandora wishlist or £250 worth of vouchers to spend at John Greed, then you can find the details of the challenge here. 
Don't forget to leave me a link below if you decide to enter so that I can check out your lovely creations! ★ John Greed £250 Pandora Challenge ★

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