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Johara’s New Expert Eyeliner

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Johara’s New Expert Eyeliner
Johara’s New Expert Eyeliner
Let your eyes do the talking with Johara’s new Expert Eyeliner perfect for all daywear. Johara, a revolutionary cosmetic brand launches new Expert Eyeliner for mesmerizingly beautiful eyes. The new range is bold yet tender, made with a unique smudge and fade proof formula that’s likely to break all codes of traditional eye makeup. The collection features Johara’s Expert Eyeliner which is free of volatiles, parabens and preservatives. The new superlatively black Eyeliner is easy to apply and require zero maintenance.It has a unique pen formula that gives you smooth and precise application, creating a highly pigmented, intense black line that is quick-drying, non-feathering and lasts up to 12 hours. With a soft felt tip which delivers a smooth, precise line without dragging or stopping, the eyeliner perfectly suits the contact lens wearers. It comes with a waterproof formulation that allows one to be carefree while washing face or even traveling. Whether your look is neatly blended and sophisticated for day or totally smudged and sexy for night, the unique collection will transfer your look from drab to fab with just one easy stroke. Being dermatologically and Ophthalmologically tested, Johara’s Expert Eyeliner is completely safe to use. It forms the perfect combination in creating a look that is sure to get you noticed.
Price: Johara® Expert Pen Eyeliner is priced at Rs. 575 (1 ml)
Availability: Across India through the distributors.
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