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Jobs in Sharjah

Posted on the 17 April 2018 by Dubai City Company @iqdubaicity

Jobs in Sharjah 

Jobs in Sharjah are also available with our company for career seekers. At the moment most of the job seekers searching for jobs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But there are other ways to find employment in UAE. Let’s face it more than 80% of expats will hit for most popular cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The Dubai City Company is helping to find jobs in Sharjah. We are providing amazing job searching service. Especially for job seekers who are looking to get employment in Sharjah. All you need to do is have a look at our instruction. And our team will assist you in your job searching. Dubai City Company team mission is to connect you with recruiters in UAE.

Information about Sharjah City

Sharjah City is a quite good place for expats. On the other hand, it is a third largest and third most populous city in the United Arab Emirates. So it may be a smart idea to get a job up there. Let’s face it most of the job seekers from Indian and Pakistan. Are looking for work in the United Arab Emirates. As a matter of fact, there are plenty opportunities for jobs in Sharjah. And this city is a forming part of the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area.

The Sharjah City it is located along the southern coast of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula. There is a lot of expatriates in this city. So if you are looking for jobs in Shariah. You need to have some information to find out how to start better. On the contrary, Sharjah is the capital of the emirate of Sharjah.

The Sharjah city shares almost everything with other emirates of the UAE. The city having own federal rules, although this may be true each emirate has its own jurisdiction. For example, some of the functions such as civil law enforcement belong to its own local facilities. The Emirate of Sharjah has been ruled by the Al Qasimi dynasty since the 18th century. The Shariah city is a center for Arabic culture and industry. The Sharjah contributes more than 7.6% of the GDP of the United Arab Emirates.

The place to work as a Muslim person

If you are looking for a good place to live with your family. The Sharjah city it’s just great for you. The whole area covers an approximate area of 235 km². And it is a good place to live in the UAE. The city has a population of over 1.400,000 (2018). It has been grown extensionally since 2008 and beginning of 2009.

According to a census by the Department of Statistics and Community Development. The city is very good for international workers. The population is made up of over 205,000 Emiratis, while there are more than 1.2 million new expatriates living in Sharjah. And honestly, people are enjoying this amazing place because there are few reasons.

For example, sales or consumption of alcoholic drinks is highly prohibited in the emirate of Sharjah. The shops need to have an alcohol license and alcohol is not served in Sharjah hotels. Moreover, the restaurants and shops are running by the Muslim majority business people. And in the area, there are plenty local places to find work.

This was a reason why Sharjah increase the number of Islamic tourists in 2010 up to 2018. A lot of people from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan visiting the Emirate of Sharjah. On the other hand, the Sharjah has been officially named as the healthiest city in the UAE.

The Sharjah jobs become one of the best for students. Because the city ranked Sharjah as the 68th best city for new students. And one of the best in the world for university students. Sharjah offering not only a jobs opportunities. The city is well known as the cultural capital of the UAE. Moreover, this amazing place received the Islamic culture capital awards in 2014.

Jobs in Sharjah 

Cost of Living in Sharjah

General information for job seekers in Sharjah

Ok, now you are having some basic information. Now we need to start planning to work and live in Emirate of Sharjah. At the same time, there is a basic question you need to ask yourself. Moreover, you need to find the answer to your question. It’s the basic information you need to know before you actually go searching for a job in Sharjah. On the other hand, Sharjah is different from some Emirates. For example, in the United Arab Emirates, there is no minimum wage for workers. You can expect and standardized rates or salaries in Sharjah.
If you are looking for good wages, the Sharjah is an amazing place for living. On the other hand, you would receive good compensation. On the negative side, your wages largely dependent on how well you negotiate with your future employers. The best expectation you can expect is purely depended on the employer. On the negative side, a basic question employer asks of applicants. It’s how much do you expect.
The best answer to your future employer on the interview is to give a specific figure. Especially expressed in AED but keep in mind. The lower monthly salary package you are willing to get any job you’re applying for. The faster you will be employed in Sharjah.
The Sharjah is one of the best economic concepts in UAE. The living in Sharjah might involve a combination of good life and career development. There are many other factors for new career hunters in Sharjah. For example the quality of life you would have in Sharjah. It is much better for family and general lower type of life speed. So, let’s face it the main factor career opportunities in Sharjah. When you find a job in Sharjah your cost of living will be much less than Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
A much better lifestyle you will definitely find in Sharjah. You definitely find a power to your new lifestyle. Since living power will increase it will get an impact on future earnings. In UAE it’s important to know what to expect in terms of living. Before you will go for Interview. You need to give a base figure for salary negotiations.

Reason for Job in Sharjah and Cost of Living

In Emirate of Sharjah, there is a much lower cost of living. Especially if we compare other Emirates. Let’s move it and spread details of living in Sharjah into few basic factors. Dubai City Company examines each in the context of living in Sharjah. There is a choice hard choice where to start living in the United Arab Emirates. After all most of the expats who come to live in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Luckily, or unluckily for new job seekers. They are always having a choice and they need to make it right. Most of the jobs do not come with accommodation, and on the negative side, transportation is on you. Moreover, when you tried to turn down the housing price. Because in most cases they are super expensive. Most landlords will tell you that is not possible.

Most of the prices have changed since 2008 when UAE since was booming. Even price of the flat, the food and basic things such as a gym. You need to choose how you going to live and wherever you are going to be the way you like. There is, of course, several positives and negatives in Sharjah. Because of that a lot of expatriates rather live Dubai or Abu Dhabi. They have chosen to live in Sharjah. Most of the visitors have done research before relocating to UAE. And overall reports showing that general expediency it is cheaper to live in Sharjah than Abu Dhabi on the whole spectrum.

The accommodation in Sharjah

One of the most expensive and perhaps the highest one time expense for new expats. Since you move to the United Arab Emirates you would need to seriously take into consideration. Generally speaking of renting a new flat or shared accommodations. The Real estate is a growing industry in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and other Emirates.

And definitely, a price become compared to New York and London. The Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates competing with other Emirates in terms of commercial development. With this intention the costs of residential rental for expats. And maintaining life spendings have gone up considerably in recent years. For one thing, new expatriates have moved the businesses in UAE. The jobs for foreign workers in Sharjah has raised. For this reason demand for living spaces has moved into growing industry. And the business with renting flats, villas and living quarters. For one thing, have become profitable in short and long-term.

Working condition, apartments and rent in Sharjah, UAE 

There are several places where you can find room and accommodation in Sharjah. You can find some apartments for rent below. But must be remembered, living in the UAE is a costing deal. For example just to start you need to have savings. To get a flat you need to pay the deposit. On the other hand, while you start making money, you can afford a better deal. For example, you can have a nice villa or good looking apartment. Especially when you start making money while working in financial or engineering business. Or since you will get promoted you can get senior management position and make much more money.

The accommodation and Jobs in Sharjah

Transportation for work Sharjah to Dubai 

The Dubai road and transport authority run a very smooth operation. The traffic in pic hours may continue. Generally speaking, the number of passengers who are moving from Sharjah to Dubai.  Most of the expats are using buses. Moreover, they are serving daily passengers and it is a lot of them. The vehicle volume in Sharjah is good. Not many problems to travel and do shopping. On the other hand, the Dubai City, particularly along Sheikh Zayed Road is overflowing at peak hours.

As in any huge city, the traffic in Dubai is usually heavy. Every day making it super hard and difficult for local users to travel buses. On the other hand, taxis are the bad alternative to turnaround transportation for a quick move. The transportation is a big issue in Dubai. Also has been pointed to Government in UAE, that they need to do something about it. Because of many of Dubai’s business centers and business offices. Especially the financial and high paid jobs in are located nowhere near residential areas. And that makes a huge difference for travelers.

Ok. so now let’s talk about moving while working in Sharjah. One of the example, if you living in Sharjah. But in reality, you are working in Dubai. Just to get to work from Sharjah to Dubai. If you would like to do it this way, that will not be a major problem. So, you are living in Sharjah and working in Dubai. The majority of expatriates doing this way to save money on accommodation. Managing your time to travel become a huge deal in this case. Wille you will spend at least two or two and half hours a day in slow moving traffic. From Sharjah to Dubai and way back. In the long run, you will reach the frustration. And in the long term, this will bring into to your life some unhappiness. And more deal needs to be taken into account in your future.

Of course, there are also some positives in this. In some cases, you will travel 30 minutes and you will be in a home. And you will save so much money while working in Dubai.

The food in Sharjah 

The food should be the least of your concerns. All, in reality, depending on the inflation and market in the United Arab Emirates. Also, the prices come from the state of the world’s economy. And shares of each company on the stock market. Surprisingly the food has remained affordable for new working visitors in Sharjah. You can survive almost on all salary levels. The expensive food is a eating out, and this is totally another story. The restaurants standard take away are good, you can manage. On the negative side, if you would like to take your family or suppose for dinner. Definitely, you will feel it for sure. But it is not a disaster, it is affordable for any working person.

Generally speaking a food in the UAE, Sharjah isn’t that expensive. Most of the worker with standard experience can find decent food at good price. Even people who are already having some standard employment will be Ok. For example the laborers at construction sites in the Industrial Areas in Al Quoz in Dubai City. For sure can afford from time to time to have a good restaurant food at affordable price.

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