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Job Update!

By Rubytuesday
Man I thought today would never comeHaving rang the manager of the center last weekShe told me that I would hear about the job yesterday or todayI patiently waited for the post manAnd manned my phone 24 hours a dayHoping to hear somethingAnythingWhen the post hadn't come this morningI popped in to my neighbour To see if she had got her postShe hadWhich meant no letter todayAnd being the impatient little madam that I am I just couldn't wait any longer I had to knowSo I found the managers number And paced up and down the roomAs I waited for her to answer I was just about to hang upWhen she answered She said she recognised my numberAs she was going to ring me later on todayShe also said that there was a letter in the post for meI tentatively asked if the position had been filledShe said it had And unfortunately I didn't get itMy heart sank I knew it was a long shot going for this jobBut I still felt it like a punch in the stomach Before I could even process this informationShe continued to speak'But' she said'We were thinking of you to work in the holiday center during the summer months, how would you feel about that?'My sunken heart lifted And all of a sudden It was good newsYou see, I actually applied for two jobsOne in the assisted living centreAnd one in the holiday centreFor the months May to AugustSo yes They offered me the job in the holiday centre!I was super excited to hear this And tried to contain myself as she explained the job descriptionBasicallyIt would be 30 hours a weekMeeting and greeting guestsDining room dutyHouse keepingAnd just being there to assist guestsThe center is run by a charityAnd provides holidays for people that ordinarily could not afford one So on top of everything It's for a good causeYay!!!
I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that I will have a jobThere is no one at home today to talk toSo I rang my DadWho was delighted when I told himHe said it was a good opportunity to get back and trackAnd be as well as I can So I can work And yesIt is definitely an incentive to get healthy and strong It just feels so strangeI went for my first interview in ten yearsAnd it all worked out for meI keep thinking that they are going to ring me backAnd say that they made a mistake In fact that I did not get the jobBut really and truly I think I am better suited to this type of workRather than working with the elderly I like to meet people Love to have a chat And the craic And the holiday center job is ideal for this I can imagine it would be really busyAnd I love that I love having things to do Jobs to doPlaces to be People to meet So all in all It's a great result!
The manger said I would be trained in May Ready to start for the summer seasonSo now is my chance to get in to recovery again Out with the scale Out with the purging And in with eating wellAnd generally looking after myself a bit better
Right I'm off to tell my neighbor the good newsSee you on the next post....

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