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JLF 2015: A Much Needed Wake up Call!

By Sakshi Raina @capturesunshyne
This was on my bucket list and I managed to strike it off in 2015.
To attend the Jaipur Literature Festival also known as the JLF which is the largest free literature festival in the entire world was on my bucket list. Being a literature enthusiast myself, I just had to attend it.
I spent the entire night on the 23rd highlighting the sessions I would want to attend over the course of the next two days. The next morning, I found myself midst a sea of people struggling to move ahead the registration counter. The crowd was intense. There was not even an inch to spare. If you know anything about me, I hate crowds but surprisingly, I did not mind those two days. I perfectly understand why wouldn't someone want to attend this festival?

JLF 2015: A much needed wake up call!

Just a glimpse of the crowd

Looking back, it was a tiring but enjoyable two days. My main purpose of attending this festival was to learn and absorb as much as I could from the authors about various topics and of course, writing. It amazes me how much these authors whom I have only heard about for the first time inspired me. I got a chance to interact with some of the authors one on one and that has been the icing on the cake. I shall post about them individually very soon.
Over the course of those two days, I realized that I have been absorbing a lot of information and hadn't got the time to self reflect on the same which I later did on the 26th when I took the entire day to self reflect and process all the information that I had been fed and it felt amazing. Now, I feel like a brand new person who is inspired to take on the world.
According to me, 
The session of the former president of India Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was the most inspiring of all which also made me ask a lot of questions to myself. 
Cat Weatherill proved to be an amazing storyteller and I was so excited to be talking to her.
Ella Berthoud was so warm and welcoming...
...and I could probably just go on but the bottom line is, that I'm not the same person anymore who I was before JLF.
I have a personal story related to the festival this year which actually makes me feel so proud of myself. Maybe I shall narrate to you some other day. For now, I'm embracing the new me.
This was a much needed wake up call at the right time. 
The biggest two things I learned were to greet everyone with warmth and that stepping out of your comfort zone can result to amazing results.
Leaving you with some beautiful rajasthani decoration pictures at the JLF.
JLF 2015: A much needed wake up call!
JLF 2015: A much needed wake up call!

My next posts would consist of my interaction with the authors. Stay tuned!
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