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Jim Rome Vs. David Stern: Who's in the Wrong?

By Beardandstache @BeardAndStache

Jim Rome vs. David Stern: Who's in the Wrong?

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- Troy Ballard

If you haven't heard it yet -- you better check it out.
As a guest on a radio interview with Jim Rome, NBA commissioner David Stern was pressed about the possibility of fixing the NBA Lottery in favor of the New Orleans Hornets.
And.. things blew up.
(You can listen to audio of the exchange here, or read ESPN's transcript of the conversation here)!
In essence, Rome asked the commissioner in a very straightforward manner if the NBA Lottery was fixed in favor of the Hornets, and also about how he has responded to the speculation. After the question was asked, Stern was quiet for a few moments and gave a mature response that included the phrase 'shame on you.'
But after that, things spiraled and Rome and Stern were involved in a metaphorical fist-fight.
The highlight of the conversation was when Stern said with little hesitation, "have you stopped beating your wife yet?" 
Off the surface, this seems like something that could blow-up into a massive media spectacle as the most immature and improper thing ever whispered from the mouth of a commissioner in all of professional sport's history.
However, Rome does not beat his wife. Nor has he ever in the past. But Stern was simply trying to make a point (albeit a poor selection of words). He was stating that the idea of him fixing the NBA Lottery is just as ridiculous as the notion that Rome beats his wife.
Following the blazen comment by Stern, Rome tried to save the conversation, but quickly took offense after the commish again slammed him saying that he made his career off of 'cheap thrills.' Then, any possibility of salvaging what was left of a broken interview was totally impossible.
But as things continued to blow-up, people immediately pegged Stern as the one in the wrong. It certainly doesn't help that not many fans are too keen on Stern, as he is the easy scapegoat for the lockout.
Rome is being shielded as the cool-journalist that was just doing his job. And although feelings are greatly mixed on him as a reliable and insightful analyst, fans are taking his side based off of reasoning that is totally flawed.
Here's the bottom-line -- both are in the wrong.
Should Rome have avoided that question from the get-go, or at the minimum re-phrased it so that it wasn't such a direct attack -- yes. Did Stern respond poorly on two accounts to get back at Rome  -- yes. Was it incredibly funny to see unfold -- yes.
Even though these two are both adults, both hold professional jobs and get paid for insight and opinions, it was a total breakdown on both ends. The pair acted like one insulted the other's kid and called him names -- and the subsequent result was a total cluster and lack of professionalism.
The whole thing will slide over soon, but for the time being, it's a great laugh.
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