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Jessica Simpson to Star in NBC Comedy Based on Her Life

Posted on the 15 January 2013 by Jenmcd @jen_mcdonnell

Jessica Simpson in a scene from Major Movie Star. (Major Productions)

Jessica Simpson in a scene from Major Movie Star. (Major Productions)

-I keep waiting for this report about Jessica Simpson getting her own NBC sitcom to turn out to be a hoax. It’s got to be, right? RIGHT!?!?

-It looks like Jason Trawick coordinated with Britney Spears’ dad to extricate himself from their relationship — and she might not yet comprehend that it’s really over.

-There’s been lots of Lindsay Lohan courtroom drama (it must be a day that ends in ‘y’). She fired her long-suffering lawyer minutes before she stepped inside the courthouse because she didn’t want to take a plea deal that required rehab.Lohan then pleaded not guilty in a car crash case.

-Meanwhile, the first clip from Lohan’s film The Canyons has been released. It looks like a winner.

-Speaking of LindsayMegan Fox compared her to Marilyn Monroe — and not in a good way.

-AJ McLean has invited Ryan Gosling to join the Backstreet Boys, which just made the 1993 version of me slip into a coma.

-Speaking of loving Ryan GoslingAnna Kendrick really, really does.

-Howard Stern changed his mind about calling Lena Dunham “a fat chick who looks like Jonah Hill and keeps taking her clothes off.” How forgiving of him.

-Oprah Winfrey was so “surprised and mesmerized” by Lance Armstrong’s doping confession that she’s spreading out the interview over two nights. Watch the ridiculously over-dramatic promo here.

-Tina Fey isn’t wrong about many things, but she’s wrong about Twitter.

-Meanwhile, Tina and Amy Poehler helped the Golden Globes reach its highest ratings since 2007.

-At the Globes, do you think Amy finally got the chance to say “Cloonily, I met you“?

-Tina ended up meeting Robert Pattinson, who (oddly) presented her with a rose before hooking up with Kristen Stewart at a Globes afterparty.

-Speaking of the Globes, the Weinstein Co. party involved Heidi Klum dancing on tables and Nathan Fillion taking off his pants. I want to go to there.

-Good news: the “True American” drinking game is coming back to New Girl! Bad news: Brooklyn Decker will be playing it.

-Uh-oh. ABC is pulling Happy Endings and Apt 23 from its Sunday night schedule.

-Amanda Bynes continues to make really good decisions. She just got her cheek pierced.

-I finally figured out what Kate Upton is good for: telling stories about drunk Tony Danza!

-15-year-old Chloe Moretz was photographed for the first time with her 17-year-old boyfriend, Cameron Fuller, and they decided to use the event to stage a fake proposal. (‘Cause we weren’t wigged out enough by their possibly illegal relationship?)

-New photos from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire have landed.

-If you’re not yet watching Archer, this supercut of insults should change that.

-I got way too much enjoyment from this video of Anthony Bourdain feeding Eric Ripert his first McNugget.

-Everyone’s freaking out about Victor Garber‘s big “coming out.” Isn’t this old news? Or do I just know way too much about Papa Bristow?

-Jessica Chastain may be dating Tom Hiddleston. Or possibly Jason Clarke. But she’s definitely dating someone! Maybe.

-Kim Kardashian had a lot to say about her pregnancy and relationship with Kanye West on this morning’s Today Show,if you care about that sort of thing.

-Carrie Underwood is denying reports that Hayden Panettiere‘s Nashville diva is based on her. Mmm-hmmm.

-It looks like Minka Kelly and Chris Evans are no longer hiding their relationship.

-Aw man. The promo for this week’s Fringe series finale just gave me feelings.

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