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Jeb's Bad Karma: From "Brightest Bush" to a Milquetoast!

Posted on the 04 September 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
 By RF Schatten
Jeb's Bad Karma: From "Brightest Bush" to a Milquetoast! When a Republican aficionado in Iowa approached and asked Jeb Bush what he thought of Trump, he questioned Jeb and said; "Donald Trump just called you a Milquetoast, how do you respond to that?".
Jeb's response? "Yeah, well, I go campaign...I'm going to do it hard, campaign all over, and I'll turn people towards us". Great dignified professional political answer!...but, the wrong answer for this Election Cycle!!
This year? It's all about Dirt!...good old drag out, dirty and filthy campaigns are the name of the game for Republicans these days!...playing the 'High Road Card' makes you the loneliest man on the road to nowhere, in circa 2015's Grand Old Party.
Though, they normally ride that "Low Road Card", anyway!...this year, probably because of a Low-Life that's unbelievably! even a lower piece of life than them!...they will scratch and claw their way as low as it takes, all competing for the highest rated "Low Blows" sound-bytes possible!
There 'is' a reason why he's losing "PAC's", and his support has nose-dived...screwing up on all issues, not fighting back, allowing your opponent to publicly insult and make a fool out of you...and you don't fight back? Wake up, Jeb! this is 2015, it's not those quieter, gentler, lazy days your Dad loves...political respect and decorum is a thing of the past...if you want to succeed in today's "New GOP", you're going to have to get down and dirty with the rest. If not? you-'will'-be-history!...bye! bye!
Karma sucks!...and the ghosts of Election Night 2000 are haunting his likable "hunker down" Bush persona. Long considered by many, including his big daddy...the brightest of the Bushes, who's going to redeem its Family's legacy. The least offensive Bush Brother...after Neil's deportation and self-exile into the Family Closet, and after the 8 year folly by Dubya...Jeb Bush appeared as the most likely successor to the Bush Dynasty. He's never been the most honest politico, 2000 Florida Election was his baby...and like Tom Brady...the air of guilt is all around him for the world to see, but no one will ever really know. Yet, he still appeared as the most "Professional" to step out of the Clown Train.
His positions have been pretty well known long ago, all his supporters know where he stood on most's this particular Election and the unusual circumstance surrounding this years Cast of Clowns, with the addition of Le Grande Orange, that's causing his political meltdown. Flip-Flops, Blunders on supporting big brother's Iraq initiatives, blunders in the Immigration issue...even if he does "speak" Spanish, with a Latino wife. One political blunder after least he told Trump he'll speak Spanish whenever he feels like it!...just, a little too late and not "forceful" enough an argument, to combat a loud mouth bullshitting blowhard! 
Now, using a "promo slot" on the new Stephen Colbert Show as a tool to raise money??...can't get anymore lame!...the lamest political move; literally begging for donations by raffling off VIP Tickets to see him on the Show "in person", for those who contribute to his campaign. PS: The Show is Free, tickets are on first come-first serve basis, like for all other studio show audiences!
And all without the knowledge or consent of Stephen Colbert or the Production Staff...who embarrassed him when informed of the plans! Donald Trump nailed it, head on!...Jeb Bush, is a Milquetoast!!
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