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Jared Taylor and White America

Posted on the 28 January 2016 by Calvinthedog

It is often said that Jared Taylor, the head of the American Renaissance White Advocacy site, wants to preserve a White America, and I believe that is something that he wants to preserve.

However, what do we mean by that? I do not think that Taylor wants to kick one non-White person out of this country except for maybe illegal aliens who have no business here anyway and probably guest worker scabs who are being used by cynical US corporations to drive down US wages by replacing mostly White US workers with low-wage and  low-quality scab labor imported from Asia.

It is true that both of these groups are mostly non-Whites, but the fact that these non-Whites need to take off not now but yesterday does not mean that all non-Whites need to leave. So I assume that Taylor is ok with letting all of the non-White legal immigrants and citizens of the US stay here in the country. He only wants to limit future non-White immigration and illegal immigration, but that is just border stoppage, not eviction.

So what does Taylor mean when he says he wants to preserve a White America? I know Taylor very well, as he is an acquaintance. I believe that what he wants is the same as we have always had, a White-dominated culture in the US. US culture has always been synonymous with White culture.

Yes, there were Indian cultures, but they were never dominant in the land after White settlement.

Yes, there has been a Black culture in the US for centuries, but it has never been dominant. Even in the South, Black culture has never been dominant even in any single state. White culture has dominated in every way including politically in the South forever now. Not one state is majority Black, not even Mississippi.

Latinos have always been here in the Southwest, but the Southwest has never had a Latino-dominant culture except maybe in New Mexico, and those are pretty much White people.

Now maybe this is changing with the growing dominance of Hispanics in California. But even to this day though I do not feel that California’s culture is dominated by Hispanics, but parts of the state, like my town, are indeed dominated by Hispanic culture. Nevertheless, wealthy Whites have always run this city, and they continue to do so to this day as a politically dominant minority here (the city is 27% White), and I do not see this ending anytime soon.

Yes, there is Hispanic culture in Florida, but Florida culture has not become an Hispanic culture. Florida culture is still pretty much White culture, except maybe towards the South.

Asians have always been here, but Asian culture has never been dominant in the US or in any part of it really except maybe Hawaii.

Furthermore, if you wanted to assimilate in US society, you generally assimilated to some sort of White culture except maybe in a few places like Louisiana or the Rio Grande Valley. Nevertheless, Louisiana culture politically and otherwise, has always been dominated by Whites.

The fear is that as Whites lose their majority, White culture will no longer by the dominant or de facto culture of the country. Also people like Taylor  are afraid of Whites losing their majority. The fear is that Whites are going out, and that in 200 years, there will not be many Whites left in the US. Taylor has made it clear that not only would he like to preserve White culture as the dominant culture of the country but that he would also like to preserve White people as a racial stock.

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